How to Deal with a Whack Weed Trip

How to Deal with a Whack Weed Trip

Yo, listen up fam. Bad highs, man, they can straight up ruin your day. Like, you be reminiscing about that one time you got messed up on THC and now you scared as hell to even touch that stuff again. I feel ya, bro. Them flashbacks be intense, but yo, they ain’t gonna kill you or nothing. They just mess with your head for a bit. But don’t worry, I gotchu. I’ma drop some knowledge on how to cope with a bad marijuana high.

Now, lemme tell you something real quick. Ain’t nobody ever died from smokin’ too much weed. But some fools out there be having panic attacks over it, which is mad concerning, especially when our health system is all messed up right now. So, I’m here to help you out, my dude.

Bad highs be a mix of all sorts of messed up symptoms. You get a racing heart, a dry-ass mouth, and anxiety like a mofo. And lemme tell you, they more likely to happen when you already in a bad place mentally, like right now when the whole world goin’ crazy with this pandemic shiz.

But don’t trip, my G. There are things you can do to ease those symptoms, even if you stuck at home all alone in quarantine. Just remember, what you feeling is just your anxiety actin’ up and it gonna wear off eventually, even if you smoked a fat joint or had one of them super strong edibles.

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So here’s what you can do to make yourself feel better:

1. Talk it out with your homie: Hit up your friend or your boo thang and have a chat. It don’t matter if it’s in person or over the phone or video call. Just make sure they chill AF and not all panicky like you. They gonna help you stay cool and remind you that all them bad vibes you feeling ain’t gonna last forever. And if you lucky enough to be quarantined with someone, go ahead and hold their hand or give ’em a hug. That physical contact gonna make you feel good and keep you grounded.

2. Play with your furry friend: Pets, man, they the ultimate stress relievers. Spend some quality time with your dog or cat. Throw a ball around or shine a flashlight at ’em, just have some fun. Them animals gonna bring a smile to your face and take your mind off that bad trip.

3. Find something to distract yourself: Turn on the TV and watch something funny and chill. Put on some relaxing tunes or start workin’ on a puzzle. Anything that gonna keep your mind busy and relaxed without needing too much focus. Trust me, these activities gonna soothe your soul and keep those negative thoughts at bay.

4. Be smart about it: Look, I know you wanna try new ways of gettin’ high, but be careful, my dude. Start off with small doses, even if you think you can handle it. And if you already feelin’ stressed or down, maybe it’s best to lay off the weed for a bit. Your mood can mess with your high, so don’t take no chances, ya feel me?

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So there you have it, fam. These tips gonna help you cope with them bad highs and get back to enjoying your Mary Jane in peace. Just remember, it’s all in your head and it ain’t gonna last forever. Stay safe out there and keep smokin’ that good stuff responsibly. Peace!

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