Yo, check it – Is Your Lady Mary J Knocked Up? How to Spot Pollination in Your Weed Plant

Yo, check it - Is Your Lady Mary J Knocked Up? How to Spot Pollination in Your Weed Plant

Yo, what’s up my fellow growers? It’s ya boy Dan and today we’re gonna talk about how to tell if your female cannabis plant has been pollinated. Now, I know y’all don’t want no seedy weed, so let’s get into it.

First things first, you gotta understand that male plants are bad news for your females. When those dudes pollinate your ladies, they start producing seeds instead of some bomb bud. So, keep those males away from your females.

Now, let’s talk about how to spot a pollinated female. One sign is that her bracts will become larger. Bracts are those leaf-like structures that protect the female’s reproductive parts. If you grab a bract with some tweezers and open it up, and there’s a seed inside, then you know you’ve got a pollinated plant.

Another clue is the color of the pistil hairs. When a female has been pollinated, the previously white hairs will shrivel up and get darker. And if you’re paying attention to the pistils themselves, you’ll notice that they change color from white to dark orange or red. But if only the tips of the pistils turn dark after exposure to pollen, then you know your female has been fertilized.

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But how do you avoid pollination in the first place? Well, you gotta get rid of those males or hermaphrodite plants. And during the first three weeks of flowering, make sure to check for possible males in your garden as often as possible. Breeders might wanna keep males around for breeding purposes, but most growers will wanna get rid of them ASAP.

And what about indoor grows? How do you make sure your females aren’t getting pollinated when they’re all alone in their grow tent? Well, first off, be careful not to bring any pollen into your tent. Pollen can easily cling to your clothes or hair and ruin everything. Also, watch out for environmental factors that might stress out your plants and cause them to develop sex organs called “bananas.” These are basically pollen sacs on female plants that form as a result of stress.

If you do end up with pollinated buds, don’t fret. You can still smoke ’em. Just make sure to remove the seeds first by hand or with some trimming scissors.

But let’s be real here, y’all don’t wanna deal with seedy weed if you don’t have to. So how can you avoid pollination altogether? Easy – use feminized seeds! As long as they’re from a reputable retailer, all those seeds will grow into plants with smokable bud.

And finally, why should you avoid buying seedy weed? Because it tastes bad, it’s less potent than unfertilized buds, and it makes for harsh smoke that can irritate your throat. Plus, you’re paying for less weed overall since the seeds add weight to the bag.

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So there you have it folks – how to tell if your female cannabis plant has been pollinated and how to avoid it in the first place. Peace out!

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