Yo, Can You Use Coconut Water to Grow That Ganja?

Yo, Can You Use Coconut Water to Grow That Ganja?

Yo, what up fellow cannabis growers! It’s ya boy Dan here, coming at you with a dope new idea for fertilizing your plants. Are you tired of using chemical nutrient solutions? Want to switch to an organic alternative? Well, have you ever heard of using coconut water as a fertilizer? That’s right, I said coconut water. Let’s explore the potential of this liquid gold for growing some dank buds.

First off, let me break it down for you. Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside green coconuts. It’s not the same as coconut milk, which comes from the coconut pulp. This natural energy drink for humans is also a great fertilizer for plants. Why, you ask? Because that 4% of nutrients in coconut water is packed with cytokinins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals that are essential for plant growth.

Now, let’s talk about how coconut water can benefit your cannabis plants throughout their different stages of life. For seedlings and clones, coconut water contains gibberellic acid which can increase seed germination rates and enhance root development. If you’re looking for an alternative to cloning formulas, try watering in 15ml of coconut water diluted in pure water as an organic cloning solution for rooting cubes and rockwool.

During vegetative growth, cytokinins in coconut water are an invaluable stimulant. By diluting 15ml of coconut water per liter, you can create your own coconut water fertilizer. Different cannabis strains may require different doses but growers have experimented with various doses and found that between 15–50ml/l is a suitable range for fertilizing mature cannabis plants.

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If you’re growing cannabis plants in drought conditions, daily light coconut water solution is better than loading them up with chemical fertilizers and flushing the next day with water. A temporary consistent coconut water feeding regime is uncomplicated and unlikely to lead to over-fertilization or deficiencies. It might just save your cannabis plants in a drought.

Treating a cannabis plant suffering from a deficiency at any stage of the lifecycle usually starts with a flush of pure water. Coconut water contains many of the micronutrients that cannabis plants require. Flushing with a light solution of coconut water has been reported by growers as a beneficial natural tonic.

But why stop there? Coconut water has so many potential applications throughout the cannabis lifecycle that we would go as far as to call it an essential super supplement. Would we ditch our bottles of brand name liquid fertilizers? Certainly not. However, incorporating coconut water into the cannabis feeding regime is definitely a good idea.

Coconut water is very versatile. It won’t clog a hydro system and it can just as easily be hand-watered to plants potted in coco or soil. We absolutely endorse coconut water as a cannabis supplement. And we’ve made far worse investments than a few immature green coconuts and a machete to hack them open. Just make sure to buy the fruit before the machete or else you’ll be causing some strange scenes at the supermarket fruit and vegetable aisle.

So there you have it, folks! Coconut water is more than just a refreshing beverage on a hot day. Try using it as a fertilizer for your cannabis plants and see if they grow stronger and healthier than ever before. Stay high and happy growing!

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