Water Roots In Reverse: Cannabis

Water Roots In Reverse: Cannabis

Ayy wassup fam, Dan here, with the 411 on reverse waterin’ yer plants. It’s a tricky mission, but I’m here to help y’all get it done right.

First off, ya best be gettin’ into a routine with watering yer plants. Checking ’em once or twice a week and givin’ ’em water only when they need it ain’t the way to go homies. Ya wanna make sure those plants have all the water they need, when they need it, to grow and bud out phat – so ya better be monitorin’ those pots.

Usually, peeps be waterin’ from the top down. Ya know, with a waterin can or hose dripped onto the topsoil. Just like ya grandma does in her garden. Howeva, there’s a flip side to dis!

When ya water from the bottom of the plant instead, it gives room for the plant to drink when it chooses and uptake only what it needs. That’s why ya need a potted plant with drainage holes in the pot, cuz that’s how ya get the water down into the soil without oversaturatin’ it.

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Here’s how ya do it:

1. Fill yer saucer with enough water to reach the bottom layer of soil in yer pot. Some growers use rocks at the bottom of their pots, so just make sure that the water is high enough to reach the soil.

2. Put yer pot in the saucer and let it sit in there for 10-15 minutes so it can get nice and soaked up.

3. After a bit, check and see if the soil is moist – stick yer index finger down a few inches if ya need to – and if it’s still dry, wait a little longer.

4. Finally, take yer plant outta its bath and discard any excess water that didn’t get absorbed. There may be some runoff, but that’s okay.

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Next up is feedin’ from the bottom – same concept here but add yer nutrients to the water first and then feed from the bottom. If ya are usin’ top dressin’, give that a skip and just use water to leech all them nutes down into the soil!

Now why would ya wanna do this reverse watering at all? Well, there are a handful of benefits:

– Promotes root growth cuz it forces the roots to reach down for the H2O

– Keeps away those pesky fungus gnats who love wet soil on top

– Gives an even moisture distribution throughout all layers of soil

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– Reduces chances of over or under watering

– Avoids splashing on leaves which can cause plant burns

So there ya have it fam! Reverse watering your plants is great for keeping them healthy and well fed. Just remember to keep an eye on ’em so they don’t get too thirsty or too full!

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