Why You Gotta Keep a Journal When You’re Lit

Why You Gotta Keep a Journal When You're Lit

Yo, what’s up? If you’re looking for a dope way to get your creative juices flowing or deal with some intense emotions, there’s nothing like combining cannabis and journaling, homies. It’s lit. There ain’t no right way to journal, especially while you’re high as a kite, but we got you covered with some tips to start your own cannabis-inspired writing journey. So, grab your favorite pen or pull up a blank document on your laptop and let’s get this party started.

First of all, what does it mean to be high on weed? When you smoke or consume cannabis with THC, your mind and body chill out. But there’s more to it than that. THC binds to CB1 receptors in your body and creates a psychotropic experience that makes you feel happy and relaxed. It can also enhance your creativity and spark new connections in your brain. We don’t have scientific evidence yet about the relationship between getting high and creativity, but many creatives swear by the power of weed to help them innovate.

Journaling is a way to jot down thoughts, ideas, or events in your life. It’s like keeping a diary but with a more practical goal: to achieve self-improvement. You can track your progress towards your goals, gain self-confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthen your memory. Plus, it’s the perfect way to express yourself creatively.

When you’re high, you might find that journaling takes on a new life of its own. Your thoughts might become more intense or divergent (that’s a fancy word for unstructured). The act of writing while high is easy – just light up before sitting down to write. But many people who use cannabis to journal regularly have more of a ritual connected to the process.

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Creativity is unique to us humans because our brains allow us to morph abstract ideas into physical reality, even if that’s only on the written page. Cannabis seems to help that creative process by setting the mind free from everyday worries and allowing new, often divergent lines of thought. That shift in thinking doesn’t end when the high is over. Many people have used cannabis to change direction, think about things differently, or solve problems. The Chinese even used cannabis back in 2,700 BCE to “cure” absentmindedness.

To get started with high journaling, set up a process or schedule to get you in the right mood and state of mind. Pick a time of day when you can be alone for at least ten minutes to half an hour. If writing in a special book feels good to you, get one. If you have a go-to pen or pencil, make sure it stays with your diary. People also often like to listen to music as they write and when they are high. There is no particular kind of music that enhances journaling, although trying to write while listening to music with a lot of lyrics can be distracting for some. Classical, trance, or other music that stimulates brain waves is often a good choice, but it is entirely your choice.

On the contrary, a soundtrack of natural sounds, like rushing water, wind blowing, and birds chirping may be more your speed. With streaming media, finding the right musical vibe is as easy as a quick YouTube or Spotify search.

Experimenting with different cannabis strains is also part of the process. Many people who journal while high are seeking a more uplifting and cerebral high offered by strains with invigorating terpenes alongside THC. For this reason, we suggest a strain like Mimosa, which is often used by creatives seeking a boost of inspiration.

There are many different types of journaling. The easiest way to start is to write down significant events that occur in your life. Through the filter of cannabis, those events might take on less of a linear significance. You could also keep lists or write down your happy thoughts. Some people write their next day’s to-do lists; others write down inspirational or funny quotes. Others still use it as an opportunity to write abstract poetry and prose.

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Many people use journaling to help them achieve their goals. However, these too may change under the influence of cannabis. If you are using cannabis journaling to help you get through a block, what is it you are facing, exactly? Sometimes identifying and recording the actual issue offers a good deal of clarity in itself, and sets a precedent for you to recognize and try to get over this hurdle. Even if it starts off as writing down your name repeatedly for a while, your brain, particularly aided by cannabis, will find its way.

When it comes to journaling while high, there is no right or wrong way. However, it helps if you are in a place that is secure and self-contained. Beyond the smell of the smoked herb, you might also try burning a scented candle or incense. Maybe put your purring cat on your lap or snuggle under a favorite blanket. Writers use all sorts of tips to get the process going.

The adage “write what you know” applies here too. If you are stuck, perhaps start by writing down how cannabis makes you feel. Do you feel happy or freed from tension? Do you like the way the sun (or moon) is shining in your window? Do you feel cozy, or is your mind racing over distant horizons? You might also start to write about what is bothering you or what your aspirations are.

The bottom line is that journaling with the aid of weed helps you jump into the unfamiliar, the unknown, and even stimulates you to act (whatever that action might be). Your thinking will evolve into a different plane, let you tell your story, and help you achieve a surprising sense of accomplishment, even if the only person who ever reads what you create is you.

So, there you have it, amigos. Grab some weed, grab a pen, and start writing. Your thoughts and creative ideas might surprise you. Peace out.

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