What’s Good with Dabbing vs. Vaping Tho?

What's Good with Dabbing vs. Vaping Tho?

Yo, what’s good my fellow weed enthusiasts? It’s your boy Dan here to break down the difference between two of the most popular ways to consume cannabis: dabbing and vaping. Now, I know it can be tough to decide on the best way to enjoy your precious bud, so let me help you out by breaking down the pros and cons of each method.

First off, let’s talk about dabbing. To dab like a true OG, you need a dab rig. These bad boys function similarly to bongs, but instead of burning raw flower, you vaporize cannabis concentrate in a glass, quartz, or metal nail or banger. And forget about using a regular lighter – you gotta use a straight-up butane torch to get that nail red-hot for effective vaporization.

Some key features of dabbing are that it uses exclusively cannabis concentrates and involves a banger, nail, or e-nail. Plus, the vapor passes through water and filtration systems (percolators), making it smoother on those lungs. Traditional rigs don’t allow you to dial in exact temperatures (but e-nails do), so you might have less control in that regard.

Now let’s talk about vaping – my personal favorite way to consume cannabis. With vaping, you’re using either dried herb or concentrates (oils/e-liquids) and the vapes come in all shapes and sizes. From desktop devices to portable vape pens, all you need to do is pack your device and take a pull.

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Some key features of vaping are that it’s available as a desktop or portable device (vape pen) and utilizes dried herb or concentrates, depending on the device. The vapor doesn’t pass through water like dabbing, but it will likely pass through chambers and channels specifically designed to retain flavor. Plus, with customizable temperature settings on many modern vaporizers, you can focus on specific cannabinoids and terpenes for an even better experience.

So how do these two methods compare? Well, both dabbing and vaping involve vaporization instead of smoke inhalation, which is better for your lungs in general. But the major difference lies in the material consumed – dabbing uses exclusively concentrates (aka “dabs”) while vaping uses dried herb and/or concentrates. Concentrates are pure, powerful, and flavorful extracts made by concentrating the resin from the cannabis plant’s trichomes. They come in many forms like shatter, wax, and oil.

On the other hand, dried herb can reach up to about 30%+ THC while concentrates can exceed 80%. That means dabbing wins the potency contest hands down because it typically involves taking a single large hit at a time for a much more psychoactive experience compared to “sipping” on a vape pen loaded with oil or herb. However, high-quality flower vaporized at the right temperature is still going to provide an enjoyable high.

When it comes to flavor, both methods are considered much better than smoking because they don’t involve combustion – meaning fewer tarry burnt flavors that ruin the terpenes’ sweet aromas. Dabbing does win here though because concentrates contain a massive proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes that give cannabis its diverse range of flavors.

Now let’s talk about cost – because let’s be real here, we all want to get stoned without breaking the bank. Dab rigs start pretty cheap around $50 for basic models but concentrates are hella expensive whether you buy them or make them yourself. It takes a lot of flower to make a small amount of concentrate so running costs are likely to be greater if you’re dabbing exclusively.

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To vape on the other hand, you only really need the vaporizer/vape pen (and some weed). Vape pens can cost hundreds of dollars but there are some available for less than $100 that are still very good quality. However, the initial cost of vaping tends to be higher than dabbing because dried herb is cheaper than concentrates.

So which method is better? Ultimately it depends on your preferences! Dabbing is considered by many as the purest and most potent way to consume cannabis but not everyone wants to be limited to vaping 80% THC concentrates all day every day. Vaping offers a cleaner alternative without sacrificing effects – plus customizable temperature settings mean you can focus on specific cannabinoids and terpenes for an even better high.

In conclusion my homies, dabbing vs vaping is truly a tough contest with no clear winner – it all depends on your priorities! If you’re lucky enough to try both methods out though, go ahead and see which one tickles your fancy! Stay lit folks!

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