Weed Be Strong Medicine fo’ PTSD

Weed Be Strong Medicine fo' PTSD

Yo, what’s up? My name is Dan and I wanna talk to y’all bout somethin’ that affects a lot of people in our country. It’s called post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD for short. It happens when someone goes through somethin’ really traumatic, like a natural disaster, gettin’ attacked or bein’ in war. Sometimes people can’t escape the memories of the event and it really messes with their heads.

There’s medicine that doctors give people to help with PTSD, but it don’t always work. That’s when some people turn to weed. Weed can help calm people down and make them feel better when they’re stressed or depressed. Our bodies actually make chemicals that are similar to the ones in weed, and those chemicals help regulate different parts of our body like our mood and sleep.

People with PTSD often have really bad nightmares and can’t sleep well. Weed can help with that too. Some types of weed can help people fall asleep easier and stop those nightmares from happenin’. But there are some risks to using weed too much. You could end up getting addicted or it could make things worse instead of better.

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PTSD affects a lot of people in our country, especially veterans who’ve been through war. It’s not just from what they saw or did, but sometimes from what was done to them too. That’s why a lot of states have started letting people with PTSD use medical marijuana to see if it helps.

There are different types of weed that work better for PTSD than others. Indica-dominant strains like Northern Lights, Blue Cheese, Grand Daddy Purple, Harlequin and White Rhino are generally recommended for medical use, including PTSD. But everyone is different so somethin’ else might work better for you.

Weed ain’t just for people who’ve been through war though. Anyone who’s been through somethin’ really bad could have PTSD. It doesn’t matter if you saw it happen, heard about it or were directly involved. And sometimes people don’t even realize they have it until later on after the event is over.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about how weed affects PTSD, but for some people it’s the only thing that helps them feel better. So even though there are risks involved, it’s still worth considering if you’re struggling with PTSD.

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Thanks for readin’ y’all. Stay safe out there.

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