Dis State’s Medikush Patient Count Skyrocketed 71% in 2 Years

Dis State's Medikush Patient Count Skyrocketed 71% in 2 Years

Yo what’s good, dis ya boi Dan here and I’m here to tell y’all about a sicc development in The Sunshine State. Word on da street is dat the numba of registered medical marijuana patients has skyrocketed 71% in jus two years! Dat’s right, from 455,425 regis’d MMJ patients in 2020 to 779,465 at da end of 2022. An’ if dat wasn’t enough, the numba of registered physicians who can issue certifications went from 107 to 1,725.

But get this – da numbas just keep climbin’! Patient count recently hit 788,633 as of February 10 and the numba of registered physicians is now at 2,601. So why the surge? Well, da Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) made a few changes to da program which helped increase participation. Dey instituted same-day approval for patient certifications and also got rid of da ban on smokable flower. Before dat move, only tinctures and pills were available to licensed cannabis companies.

As if dat wasn’t enough, these new developments could help Trulieve with their ballot measure campaign to get recreational legalization onto the 2024 Florida ballot. Dey already invested over $25 million into the effort so you betta believe dey hopin’ dat this new news will help get it passed.

In conclusion, dis is a sicc development for The Sunshine State when it comes to cannabis fans. Da numbas show it and as long as dey keep makin’ moves like da ones dey made recently involving patient certifications and smokable flower, the numbas will keep climbin’. Y’all stay tuned for mo’ updates and make sure ya check ya local laws so ya know whats up when it comes to legal cannabis in yo state. Churrr!

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