Willie Nelson’s Dank Weed Hits Michigan Dispensaries

Willie Nelson’s Dank Weed Hits Michigan Dispensaries

Yo, what’s poppin’ y’all? It’s your boy Dan here, bringin’ you some lit news straight from the cannabis world. So check it, the country cannabis outlaw and icon himself, Willie Nelson, just entered the Michigan cannabis market. Yeah, you heard that right. Willie’s in the house, debuting his dope cannabis brand in the state last week.

Michigan ain’t playin’ around, fam. It’s the eighth state to sell flower from Willie’s exclusive cannabis brand called Willie’s Reserve. You can cop some of that fire at all Puff locations and several other dispensaries across the state.

Now let me put you on game about Willie Nelson. This OG has been holdin’ it down in the cannabis world for decades. And get this, he’s 90 freakin’ years old! Homeboy credits cannabis as the secret to a long life and even says it helped him quit cigarettes and alcohol. That’s some real talk right there. Now he’s ready to share his love for the green with Michigan, and you know he ain’t messin’ around.

Willie’s Reserve is teaming up with Aardvark Industrees based in Lansing, Michigan to supply dispensaries with some top-notch flower. They got some potent strains, yo. We talkin’ 24% to 30% THC levels here. And they got some sick names like Cousin Strawberry G (Cousin Larry x Strawberry Cough) or Hitman OG (OG Kush x Unknown Hybrid Indica). But hold up, we still waitin’ on the deets about the specific strains they droppin’ in Michigan. If you wanna know where to cop Aardvark Industrees cannabis, hit up their website and they’ll hook you up.

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But wait, there’s more to this story. Aardvark Industrees is also holdin’ it down for Cheech’s Stash, another dank brand created by none other than comedian and actor Cheech Marin, one-half of the legendary duo Cheech & Chong. These guys know what’s up when it comes to that good good.

Michigan ain’t playin’ when it comes to the cannabis game, fam. Crain’s says it’s the second largest cannabis market in the United States. That’s some serious green goin’ on.

Starting on October 25th, you can grab yourself some of Willie’s Reserve at 15 dispensaries across the state. We talkin’ Stone Depot in Jackson, Green Stem in Niles, Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Traverse City, Mood Center Line in Center Line, Planet 420 in Flint, Endo in Adrian, and all them Puff locations in Bay City, Traverse City, Hamtramck, Kalamazoo, Madison Heights, Monroe, Oscoda, River Rouge, Sturgis, and Utica. They got you covered wherever you at.

Yo, Aardvark Industrees partner Hilary Dulany said that this whole operation is about meetin’ the demand and supportin’ small independent growers in the state. They wanna make sure they bring that Willie-worthy product to market while stayin’ fresh with what the people want. Gotta respect that hustle.

Let me take a minute to school y’all about Willie’s Reserve. Homeboy launched this fire brand back in 2015. He started out with simple labeling and stock tins, keepin’ it real and authentic. This brand represents everything he stand for and his whole damn life. According to company spokesman Michael Bowman, it’s like a culmination of his vision and legacy. That’s some deep stuff right there.

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Since then, Willie’s Reserve spread like wildfire. It hit up three states first – Washington, Colorado, and Washington. Then it made its way to Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada. And in 2017, after California passed Prop. 64, Willie’s Reserve was like, “Yo, we comin’ for ya!” California got the biggest cannabis market in the U.S. at that time, so you know Willie had to be there.

But hold up, back in 2005, Willie was spillin’ some tea to High Times. He talked about how he used to be killin’ himself with cigarettes and drinkin’ too much. But then he was like, “Wait a minute! Let’s do what we can do.” Homeboy knew he had to make a change. He used to be into whiskey and uppers, but now he’s all about that pot life. He even said you gotta moderate yourself with weed too. Too much of a good thing ain’t always the move.

And check this out, before Willie’s Reserve was even a thing, homeboy used to grind up all his weed, no matter the strain or variety, and store it in a big tin. Talk about OG status right there.

But let’s not forget about Willie’s son, Lukas Nelson. He’s in the band Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and they dropped a track called “High Times.” These guys are all about that cannabis life and they keepin’ it in the family.

So there you have it, fam. Willie Nelson’s cannabis is now available at dispensaries all across Michigan. If you wanna get your hands on some of that fire, go check out those locations I mentioned earlier. And remember, moderation is key when it comes to pot. Stay lit and stay safe out there!

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Peace out!

– Dan

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