Top Tips for Growing Big Fat Mary Jane Buds Inside and Outside – Holla!

Top Tips for Growing Big Fat Mary Jane Buds Inside and Outside - Holla!

Yo, what’s good fellow growers? It’s your boy Dan with some tips on how to support those massive buds and keep your plants from collapsing under their weight. We all know that feeling of joy when you see those big, juicy buds growin’ in your garden, but don’t let the weight of those buds bring you down. Here are some indoor and outdoor methods to help you out.

1. Support Plants With String and Stakes

One of the oldest tricks in the book! Get yourself some bamboo canes and garden ties to secure your branches. All you gotta do is lodge a few canes into the soil around your plants and tie your branches to them. For containers, attach bamboo canes along the rim of the pot using duct tape. If you don’t have bamboo canes, use string to offload some of the weight. Tie one end onto the affected branch and the other to a point higher up on the main stem.

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2. Trellising

Trellising involves using a mesh with a wide lattice to support the growth of your plants. You can use vertical trellises or horizontal trellises, which are suspended at a certain height above your plant’s level. The screen of green growing method is perfect for horizontal trellising, but it requires a moderate amount of skill. Outdoor plant cages work brilliantly at supporting the weight of huge weed flowers. Simply purchase a roll of sturdy garden mesh and form a column around your plants.

3. Wire Tomato Cages

You can place your weed plants in wire tomato cages to give your branches something to hang on to. As tomato plants and weed plants are shaped differently, this method requires some customisation. You’ll need to use string, velcro or twist ties to attach the lower parts of the plant to the cage.

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4. Plant Yoyos

If you’re using a grow tent, plant yoyos are your go-to solution for providing support for your plants without interfering with their structure too much. They’re small plastic hooks attached to a string that attaches to a mechanism that hangs from the top of your grow tent.

Add Fertiliser To Improve Plant Strength

Give your plants fertilisers rich in calcium, potassium and phosphorus to help them get buff. But be careful not to give them too much of any one nutrient.

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Organic Outdoor Fertiliser Methods

Instead of pouring synthetic chemicals into your growing medium, use organic substances such as worm castings and compost to feed your soil.

Supporting heavy buds is more art than science. To find out what’s right for you, listen to your plant, gauge its innate strength, figure out where it’s strong and where it needs support. Happy growing!

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