Get Ya Bud Game Strong: Tips for Drying and Curing Yo Mary Jane Properly

Get Ya Bud Game Strong: Tips for Drying and Curing Yo Mary Jane Properly

Yo, what’s up fellow stoners! It’s your boy Dan here, and today we’re gonna talk about how to properly dry and cure those dank buds. This is an important step if you want to get the best high and flavor out of your weed, so listen up!

First off, let me tell you that most street bud is garbage. That’s because the growers don’t take the time to dry and cure their product properly. They just want to make a quick profit, instead of producing the best quality weed they can. And unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know any better, so they keep buying that dry, hard-to-burn crap.

But we’re not about that life, right? We want that sticky, stinky, potent bud that’ll get us higher than a kite. So let’s get started with the drying process.

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Step 1: Dry Your Buds

The first thing you need to do is find a dark room, where you can hang your freshly harvested buds upside down. This will allow the water content to evaporate slowly, without degrading the THC. Keep in mind that light can destroy THC, so make sure your drying area is as dark as possible.

Make sure your buds aren’t touching each other, and there’s enough space for air to circulate around them. You don’t want any mold ruining your hard work.

Maintain a temperature of around 68°F for the first three days, then reduce it to 62-64°F. This will help evaporate excess water quickly, while allowing other compounds to evaporate as well.

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Maintain a relative humidity of 50%, using a hygrometer to measure it. Ventilation is also important to prevent mold from forming.

It can take anywhere from 10-20 days for your buds to dry properly. To check if they’re ready, try snapping a stem – if it breaks cleanly, you’re good to go!

Step 2: Cure Your Buds

Now that your buds are dry, it’s time to cure them. Curing allows bacteria to break down any remaining chlorophyll, which gives your weed an unpleasant taste. It also allows you to control the moisture level for the best flavor and burnability.

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Get yourself some airtight glass jars with rubber seals and locking mechanisms – these are the best for curing. Loosely fill them with buds up to two-thirds capacity – you want enough air for bacteria to live in while still allowing efficient air flow.

Store your jars in a cool, dark place to prevent light from degrading the THC. Open them once a day for the first two weeks to rotate and check for mold.

If you smell ammonia or damp hay when you open the jar, too much moisture has been left in and bacteria has died – you’ve messed up. But if it smells good, congratulations! You’ve successfully cured your weed!

Curing can take anywhere from two weeks to two years – yeah, some people are crazy like that. But trust me when I say that the longer you cure it, the better it gets.

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If your buds are too dry after curing (it happens), there are a couple of ways to rehydrate them. Adding in some newer cannabis will balance the moisture content over time, while adding slices of fruit like oranges can add both flavor and moisture.

And that’s it! Properly drying and curing your buds takes time and patience, but it’s well worth it in the end. Trust me – once you’ve smoked some well-cured weed, you won’t go back to that street crap again.

So go forth and grow some dank herb, my friends! And remember – always take the time to do it right. Stay lit!

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