7 Dope Plants That’ll Take You Higher From All Over the World

7 Dope Plants That'll Take You Higher From All Over the World

Yo, what’s good, it’s ya boy Dan and I’m here to drop some knowledge on the real deal plants that will expand your consciousness and take you on a trip like no other. These ain’t no cash crops, they’re the sacred plants that have been journeying with humanity since the days of hunter-gatherers. So if you’re ready to get your mind blown, keep reading. But before we go any further, let me remind you of one thing: personal accountability. If you can’t handle a wild ride or are too scared to try something new, then stop reading now. For the rest of the brave souls out there, here are the 7 sacred plants from around the globe.

First up, we got cannabis. This plant has been around for centuries, and has even been used for medical purposes by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung way back in the day. It’s got THC which gets you high and CBD which has amazing properties for your body. Unfortunately, there was a conspiracy that made people believe in Reefer Madness and led to the War on Drugs. But don’t believe the hype, cannabis is just a plant cultivated by regular folks all around the world.

Next up is Salvia, a psychedelic herb native to Mexico that’ll take you on a trippy journey with its psychoactive component Salvinorin A. The Mazatecs have been chewing leaves and drinking tea made from salvia for centuries, but you can easily absorb it through your gums for an intense audio/visual experience that’s similar to magic mushrooms.

The Ancient Egyptians knew what was up with Blue Lily, a psychedelic water lily that’s believed to have originated in the Nile River. It’s been used as a natural stress-reliever and aphrodisiac for centuries, and can be consumed as a tea or infused in wine.

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Peyote is a mescaline cactus native to Mexico that’s been used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes by indigenous tribes for thousands of years. The Huichol still gather annually in the desert for a Peyote ritual that involves many days of hardship. Drinking the traditional peyote beverage will teleport you to an altered state of consciousness that some say is a portal to another reality.

San Pedro is another mescaline cactus from South America that’ll induce vivid hallucinations similar to Peyote but is often likened to an Out of Body Experience. Peruvian archaeologist Rosa Fung discovered remnants of cigars made from San Pedro cactus dating back to 700-500 BC.

The Xhosa people of South Africa have been using African Dream Root for centuries to make contact with their ancestors while dreaming. This herb is native to the Eastern Cape and is prepared as dried, powdered roots added to water. Consuming this foamy beverage will induce a lucid dream at night where you can interact with God or receive messages from the other side.

Last but not least is tobacco, another North American native species that’s been revered by indigenous peoples for centuries. Smoking tobacco with a pipe is common and often used in rituals.

So there you have it, folks. The 7 sacred plants from around the world that’ll take you on a wild ride like no other. Which one will you try next? Stay woke and keep exploring!

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