The Perks of Hemp Wax and How to Whip ‘Em Up

The Perks of Hemp Wax and How to Whip 'Em Up

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan, and if you’re looking to make your smoking sesh even more chill, you gotta try making hemp candles. Not only do they add a dope vibe to the room, but they also burn slow AF thanks to the hemp seed oil in them. And if you really wanna take it to the next level, you can even add CBD, CBG, or CBN oils for an extra kick of cannabinoids.

The hemp plant is straight up versatile as hell. You can make anything from rope to paper to biofuel with it. But did you know you can also make candles out of it? The oil from hemp seeds burns slower than regular wax and wick candles, so you can enjoy the chill vibes for longer. Plus, adding terpenes and cannabinoid oils to your homemade candles can double up as aromatherapy diffusers.

Speaking of aromatherapy, it’s been around for hella long. It uses essential oils from plants to influence the body and mind in a positive way. The terpenes in essential oils have an effect on human physiology when we inhale them, which is why we feel so damn good when we smoke or vape weed. Aromatherapy diffusers are usually misty, but hemp candles are a great way to fill the room with those sweet smells while giving off a warm and relaxing glow.

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So why should you make your own hemp candles? For one, candles are already relaxing AF. They help us forget about the outside world and reflect on ourselves. But adding hemp seed oil makes them burn even longer than regular candles made of just wax. And if you’re feeling creative, you can experiment with different terpenes and oils to find your perfect blend. Plus, adding cannabinoids like CBD can make for an even more chill experience.

Using hemp candles is easy peasy. Just light ‘em up like any other candle! But there are a few tips to keep ‘em burning steady and lasting long:

– Start with a short wick

– Use a long match or lighter

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– Let the melted wax reach the edges of the candle

– Readjust the wick for next time

Now here’s where it gets really lit: pair your hemp candle with some weed! Smoking or vaping while enjoying the warm glow and sweet smells brings the whole experience to another level.

Ready to make your own hemp candles? Here’s what you’ll need:

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– Essential oils (I recommend bergamot, rosemary, and rose)

– CBG, CBN, or CBD oil (optional)

– 450g soy wax

– 30ml hemp seed oil

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– Hemp wick

– Saucepan

– Pyrex bowl

– Food thermometer

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– 250ml mason jar

– Cardboard

– Strong glue

– Long tweezers or forceps

– Small funnel

And here’s how ya do it:

1. Put your wick in place

2. Create your double boiler

3. Make your mixture

4. Pour and let set

So there ya have it, folks! Hemp candles are lit AF and easy to make at home. Give ‘em a try and enjoy a chill vibe like no other.

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