The Lowdown on Weed in Europe: Get Schooled

The Lowdown on Weed in Europe: Get SchooledYo, check it out, the history of cannabis is straight fire, yo! This stuff has been around for mad long, like 12,000 years ago, back when prehistoric hunters were gettin’ down with the green. But yo, tracking the timeline of this herb ain’t easy, but lemme tell you, it’s been one of the most useful plants on the block.

So, peep this – the Chinese were all about that cannabis life thousands of years ago. They were using hemp for all kinds of stuff – making fabric, paper, ropes, you name it. They even used the leaves and flowers to get lit and treat all kinds of ailments. Emperors were usin’ this stuff for anesthesia and to treat pain like rheumatism and gout. It was wild!

And don’t even get me started on Egypt – they were using cannabis way back in 2000 BC for eye problems and cataracts. They even found that kief stuff on mummies, like Ramses II. This plant was everywhere, from Korea to India to the Middle East.

But then the Scythians came through and brought cannabis to Europe. These cats were using cannabis fibers to make clothes and bathed in that aromatic smoke. The Greeks were gettin’ down with cannabis too, using it for all kinds of medical stuff back in 200 BC.

Fast forward to Napoleon in France in 1799 – dude brought back hashish from Egypt ’cause his troops couldn’t find no alcohol. The French were diggin’ that hashish for its sedative properties and pain relief. And let’s not forget Queen Victoria in the UK who was usin’ cannabis to ease menstrual pain back in the day.

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But yo, things took a turn when the UK outlawed cannabis in 1928 after some dude from Egypt convinced ’em it was as bad as opium. Even with prohibition poppin’ off, people were still gettin’ their hands on that sweet Mary Jane in London jazz clubs and during the flower power era.

Then we got King Henry VIII makin’ hemp mandatory in 1533 ’cause he needed that fiber for his ships. Hemp was crucial for all kinds of stuff from oil to sails. And when Columbus hit up America in 1492, Europeans started smokin’ tobacco with some added herbs like hemp.

The history of cannabis has been a wild ride, from ancient times to modern days. With more research bein’ done on CBD and medical benefits, who knows where this journey will take us next. So keep your eyes peeled, ’cause the future of cannabis in Europe is lookin’ bright!

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