The Good and Bad of Toking Up with Vape SPILLED

The Good and Bad of Toking Up with Vape SPILLED

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan here, and I’m about to give y’all the lowdown on blowin’ big clouds with vaping. You know vaping’s been blowing up lately, whether it’s for nicotine or weed. But what is it about vaping that attracts so many people? Let me break it down for you.

First of all, if you’re new to this game, you might be wondering what the hell vaping even is. Simply put, it’s an alternative way to consume weed. You heat it up, either in dried herb or oil form, to just below its combustion point. This creates a vapor that you inhale instead of smoke.

There are tons of vape pens, cartridges, and accessories out there that let you vape weed. Vape pens are like the next level of those cigarette-style vapes that people use instead of smoking cigs.

Now let’s get into the pros and cons of vaping weed vs. old-school smoking.

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Pros of Vaping Weed:

Convenience and Discretion

One big reason why vaping is so popular is that it’s easy and sneaky. A disposable vape pen comes with a pre-filled cartridge of cannabis oil. Some pens are draw-activated, meaning they only work when you inhale on them, while others have a button that heats up the atomizer inside.

How dope is that? You don’t have to go through the hassle of finding weed and rolling a joint. Plus, vaping is way more discreet than smoking a blunt or joint. You can keep a vape pen in your pocket or bag and hit it without anyone knowing. And since there’s no smoke, you’re not gonna stand out like a sore thumb.

No Smoke

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The biggest advantage of vaping over smoking is that there’s no smoke. Inhaling smoke from anything – tobacco or weed – is terrible for your health. Smoking weed exposes you to harmful and cancer-causing chemicals that can mess up your lungs.

Plus, weed smoke is super strong and stinky. Vaping doesn’t smell as bad and won’t leave you smelling like a skunk.

Better Taste

When you smoke weed, it can affect the taste. Sometimes the smoke is too thick and overpowers the flavor of the strain. With vaping, you’re only heating the weed, not burning it. So you get to taste all the flavors of the terpenes in their full glory.

You Can Control The Temperature

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Most high-quality vape pens let you adjust the temperature to get the best experience for your taste. Plus, this gives you more control over how much THC and other cannabinoids you’re getting every time.

And when you’re done vaping, you can use the already-vaped bud (ABV) to make edibles or tea. Or just smoke it in a pinch.

Cons of Vaping Weed:

It’s Tricky

Vaping has a learning curve, especially when you’re just starting out. You gotta do some research and find a good vape pen or vaporizer. Then you gotta learn how to use it and get the most out of it.

It’s Pricey

One of the biggest cons of vaping is that it can cost a lot upfront. You gotta buy a vape pen or vaporizer, and if it’s refillable, you’ll have to keep buying cannabis e-juice canisters for it. Even a decent vaporizer will set you back more than $100. And most vaporizers don’t work well unless the weed is ground down to a fine powder.

Battery Life

The last thing you want is for your vape pen battery to die while you’re out and about. You’ll need to charge it regularly, but once it’s charged, it should last for a few sessions.


You’ll need to clean your vape pen regularly to keep getting a good experience out of it.

Weaker High

Some people argue that the high from vaping isn’t as strong as smoking. It’s a cleaner high, but it may not be what you’re looking for.

Potential Health Risks

Vaping might not be as healthy as everyone thinks. One big issue is with the chemicals used to thin cannabis concentrate oil for vape cartridges. The chemicals can break down into harmful compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde when heated to high temperatures.

A 2010 study found that propylene glycol, a common thinning agent, can cause respiratory problems in low concentrations. Cheaper vape pens tend to use coils that vaporize oil at higher temperatures, which increases health risks. It’s important to buy a high-quality vape pen from a trusted brand.

Another potential risk is inhaling cuticle wax contained in cannabis oil. Cuticle wax covers the surface of weed and when smoked, it’s burned away. But when vaping at lower temperatures, the wax doesn’t get burned away and could cause issues over time.

So there you have it – the pros and cons of vaping weed vs. smoking it. You gotta weigh all the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Aight’ y’all, keep it real!

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