Ain’t That Vape Pen Clogged Up Again? Here’s How Ya Fix It

Ain't That Vape Pen Clogged Up Again? Here's How Ya Fix It

Yo what’s up it’s ya boy Dan here with the 411 for all my vaper homies. If ya had this happen to ya, you know it’s a bummer. That vape pen cloggin’ up again. Ain’t nothin’ worse than gettin’ ready for a sesh and then you realize that it’s just not workin’.

No worries though cuz I’ma show ya how to get that bad boy back in proper order and get you puffin’ again in no time. Ya just gotta know what to do and have the right supplies on hand.

I’ve been there, I know how it goes. Those clogs can be real tricky to get out if ya don’t know what yer doin’. But I’ve got the deets so listen up and we’ll get that pen unclogged in no time.

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First of all, you’re gonna need some supplies. Grab some cotton swabs, warm water, rubbing alcohol, a cleaning tool and if you havin’ real trouble a new atomizer. Now that ya got your supplies let’s get to work.

Unscrew the tank from the atomizer and set it aside. Start by wetting the cotton swab with some warm water and gently swiping the post and threads of the atomizer. Do this a few times until there no visible residue left from your last sesh.

Next grab your cleaning tool and insert it into the atomizer chamber where the coil is at. Gently turn it back and forth to loosen any buildup or residue there might be inside. Once ya done that take another cotton swab wet with water and wipe away any excess residue that may still be stuck inside the chamber.

After that take your rubbing alcohol soaked cotton swab and clean the outside of the atomizer as well as the post and threads once more just to make sure they all nice and clean. Let everything sit for a few minutes so all them parts can dry before you put it all back together.

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Once you got it all dried off, screw everything back together carefully and fill up the tank with your favorite juice then attach it back to the atomizer. Now that everything is nice and clean, give yourself a pat on the back cuz you just earned yourself another sesh!

But if despite all your hard work that vape pen still won’t work then it’s time for a new atomizer (which sometimes can be cheaper than tryin’ to fix it). Don’t forget to always check for any visible signs of wear or tear when you buy one so you don’t have to worry about any further issues down the line.

And there ya have it, my vaper homies! Your step-by-step guide on how to unclog your vape pen like a pro! No need to toss it out just yet when with a little bit of patience and some elbow grease you can get that pen puffin’ again in no time at all! Peace out!

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