Missouri Foster Folks Gonna Be Toking, Growing That Good Good at Home Legally

Missouri Foster Folks Gonna Be Toking, Growing That Good Good at Home Legally

Yo, what’s up? Check it, foster parents in Missouri can now legally have and grow weed in their crib. This news comes from an emergency rule that the state Department of Social Services dropped last week. But hold up, there are some rules to follow. Foster parents gotta stash their stash in a way that keeps it away from the kids. And yo, don’t even think about sparking up around the little ones. Smoking or vaping weed inside the house is still a no-go, so take that joint outside, my friend.

Now, don’t trip. These guidelines ain’t nothing new. They’re just like the ones for storing prescription meds, alcohol, and matches. If foster parents wanna grow their own bud, they gotta do it in a locked facility as defined by the law.

Thanks to this new law, foster parents can get in on that green game legally, just like everybody else. Back in November of 2022, Missouri voters passed a ballot initiative called Amendment 3 that made weed legal for adults who are 21 and older. This means you can cop up to three ounces of weed and grow up to six plants for your personal use. But damn, foster parents were left out of the party with about 14,000 kids under their care.

But yo, Missouri saw this ain’t right and made some changes to the law on an emergency basis. The current guidelines for foster care clashed with the approved constitutional amendment, so they had to fix that ASAP. The rule says that foster parents couldn’t use or possess weed or any weed-infused products. But you know what? A regulation that goes against the constitution is straight-up invalid.

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This change is only temporary though. It expires on February 23, 2024. So make the most of it while you can.

According to Caitlin Whaley, a spokesperson for Social Services, these changes are meant to protect the foster children. They don’t want them breathing in that second-hand smoke, you feel? Foster parents can smoke weed or tobacco outside the crib, but not in a whip while they’re transporting the kids, and definitely not in front of them.

Now, check this out. Last year, some folks at the University of Mississippi did a study and found that legalizing weed leads to a drop in foster care admissions. They found that when states legalized weed, there was at least a 10% decrease in kids going into foster care. That’s no joke. Legalization could have a big impact on the foster care system and save them hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

They analyzed data from 2000 to 2017 and saw that after legalization, the number of kids in foster care went down. So, why is this happening? Well, it could be because weed use itself affects child welfare or changes the likelihood of using other drugs. The researchers aren’t exactly sure, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Alright, now let’s talk money. It costs a lot to put a kid in foster care, around $25,000 per placement. The study found that if weed was legal all across the nation, the foster care system could save about $675 million every year. That’s some serious cheddar, my friend.

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So what’s next? Republican State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick is investigating Missouri’s cannabis program. He wants to make sure everything is being done efficiently and transparently. He’s got his panties in a bunch because weed provisions now make up more than one-fifth of our state constitution. But hey, it’s all good. The industry is about to blow up and bring in billions of dollars to Missouri. These amendments are some major changes, man.

So there you have it. Foster parents in Missouri can now legally have and grow weed at home. Just remember to follow the rules and keep it away from the kids. It’s all about protecting those little ones and making sure they stay safe. So enjoy your legal bud, my friends, and keep on keepin’ on.

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