SF Bout to Host First Weed Week, Ya Heard?

SF Bout to Host First Weed Week, Ya Heard?Yo, peep this – the official 4/20 Hippie Hill event in San Francisco got axed, but don’t trip cuz the party ain’t over yet. SF Weed Week is about to pop off, starting with a sick art opening featuring cannabis mylar art on April 5 and running a whole lineup of events from April 13-21. Instead of just one day of turn up, this event is gonna stretch out for a whole week of straight cannabis vibes. They got top-notch cultivators and breeders posted up at lounges all over the city, dishing out some next-level strain releases like Rainbow Belts, Blue Lobster, Pink Jesus, Chikitaz, The Butcher, Sherb Haze, and Peppermint Sleighride.

The mastermind behind SF Weed Week is my man David Downs, a legendary cannabis journalist and author who’s got mad respect in the game. He’s been holding it down as the senior editor at Leafly and used to be the cannabis editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. According to the event site, my dude Downs came up with the idea for SF Weed Week by thinking about what a lit event like SF Beer Week would be like if it was all about that green instead.

“Weed growers are like rock stars, and strains are straight-up celebrities,” my boy Downs said in a press release. “I wanna give these strain releases the same superstar treatment that album releases get at Amoeba Records. And we’re gonna make it happen. It’s gonna be lit.”

SF Beer Week might be all about them fancy new brews and flavors, but SF Weed Week is where it’s at for those exclusive strain releases at participating lounges like Mission Cannabis Club, Meadow, SPARC, Moe Greens, Solful, The Vapor Room, and Flore.

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My homie Ali Jamalian from Sunset Connect is one of the OG advisors of SF Weed Week and he’s hyped to be reppin’ an event that shines a light on that SF weed scene.

“San Francisco’s cannabis culture is off the chain,” Jamalian said in a statement. “It only makes sense to showcase the cannabis epicenter of the world in a week-long celebration spread across the city with an array of amazing events and activations. And it’s all free, baby.”

Especially after Hippie Hill got shut down this year, another founding advisor Ben Grambergu from 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center is all about how SF Weed Week is giving the community something to celebrate.

“The folks behind Hippie Hill needed a break, so SF Weed Week is stepping up to keep the party going all across the city with some of the best cultivators in the game sharing their craft with die-hard enthusiasts,” Grambergu said. “Listen up, the Bay Area has always been ground zero for dope cannabis culture. SF Weed Week is showing all them naysayers that this scene is alive and thriving. With a week packed full of sick activations, top-grade cannabis, and meet and greets with the legends who made it happen; this event has got something for everyone.”

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So get ready to roll up and blaze up for SF Weed Week – it’s gonna be an event you don’t wanna miss. Check out more deets on their site and get ready to vibe out with some of the best in the game. Peace out!

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