Can Weed Help During The Adderall Drought?

Can Weed Help During The Adderall Drought?Yo, peep this – ’bout 2.6% of adults worldwide dealin’ with some form of ADHD. And check it, there’s a shortage of Adderall goin’ down. Like, the US Food and Drug Administration dropped the bomb in October 2022 that there ain’t enough Adderall to go ’round. This ain’t been fixed yet and it’s startin’ to mess with patients, ya feel me?

So, like, apparently South America is holdin’ the crown with the highest rate of ADHD at 11.8%, while Japan and Finland on the low with the lowest rates. America sittin’ at about 7% – straight up average. The monthly prescription fill rate dropped by 11% in the first half of 2023 compared to 2022, and ain’t been steadily improvin’ since then.

Now, we need more research on this, but could medical marijuana be comin’ through in the clutch during this Adderall shortage? Or even in general? Scientists still investigatin’ cannabis and ADHD, but early data hintin’ that cannabis might be a helpful therapy.

ADHD is a condition where it’s hard to focus and can lead to bein’ impulsive and mad hyper. ADHD is the official medical diagnosis, while Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is an old school term for peeps who mostly got trouble stayin’ attentive.

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Dudes and dudettes diagnosed with ADHD might struggle in school or at work, but most of ’em go on to live successful lives. Ain’t no cure for ADHD, but there are treatments that can help keep symptoms in check. Stuff like medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Some folks don’t vibe well with medication or can’t handle the side effects. So, they turn to natural treatments like cannabis and CBD to manage their ADHD symptoms. If you under 21 and gettin’ medical marijuana, gotta discuss it with a healthcare pro ’cause brains still developin’.

There’s some mixed evidence suggestin’ CBD could be used as extra treatment in schizophrenia, and a few studies show CBD can help with social anxiety.

Medical marijuana can help with ADHD symptoms in two key ways – sleep problems and reducin’ anxiety. Lotsa peeps use medical cannabis to knock out insomnia. You know how it is tryna sleep when your mind runnin’ wild with thoughts? Certain weed strains might help calm that storm in your head for a solid night’s rest.

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Then you got peeps usin’ cannabis to manage anxiety and stress. But some strains can actually amp up anxiety, so gotta be smart about what kinda medical weed you choosin’. Stimulatin’ strains can help calm peeps with ADHD symptoms. When used right, Sativa might ease social anxiety while keepin’ you sharp, focused, and chatty.

If you got that ADHD diagnosis, chop it up with your healthcare pro ’bout integratin’ medical marijuana into your treatment plan.

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