Runnin’ Miles and Smokin’ Trees

Runnin’ Miles and Smokin’ Trees

Yo, listen up, fam. Marathons, they the real deal in the running world. They tough as hell, they expensive, and they straight up take a toll on your body. But let me ask you this: can cannabis help a brother out?

Apparently, about 1.2 million people be participating in marathons every damn year. That’s a whole lot of peeps pushin’ their bodies to the limit. Running them 26 miles and 385 yards ain’t no joke, bruh. It’s grueling, it’s exhilarating, and it’s the kinda shit that make peeps travel all the way to cities like Chicago, Paris, Rome, New York, and Boston just to feel that rush when they cross that finish line.

Now, I know some of y’all might think that runner’s high is just some made-up shit. But nah, it’s as real as it gets. See, when you run for hours on end like a boss, your body releases them endorphins that make you feel on top of the world. And when you finally cross that finish line after all that blood, sweat, and tears, it’s like pure euphoria. Like you’re floatin’ on cloud nine.

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But here’s the question: can combining a marathon with some Mary Jane make it even better? Let me tell you somethin’, tho. It might be prohibited by them uptight offices and there’s always a chance you’ll get tested and caught. But yo, the real journey is in the training.

Now check this out. Some peeps out there swear by smokin’ a little weed before they hit the pavement. I know, it might sound crazy to some of y’all squares out there. But hear me out. These runners claim that lighting up before a run helps them stay more “present” in the moment and makes them actually enjoy them long-ass miles. It’s like the run, the perfect playlist, and that Mary Jane all come together to help their minds stay focused during the journey.

But here’s the thing, my dudes. You gotta do some trial and error to find that perfect headspace. Not all strains of weed gonna work for you, bruh. You gotta experiment a bit, find what works for you. Maybe go for that sativa to keep you energized and motivated. Or maybe you prefer an indica to help you relax and get in that zone. It’s all about finding your groove, ya feel me?

Now let’s talk recovery, my peeps. ‘Cause once that race is over and done with, your body gonna be beat up like a pinata at a birthday party. But yo, cannabis got your back. It’s known for being anti-inflammatory, which is exactly what your body needs after puttin’ it through that intense shit. And on top of that, it’s a muscle relaxer too. So if you’re feelin’ some pain or muscle spasms after the marathon, cannabis can swoop in like a superhero and ease your suffering.

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Here’s a little history lesson for y’all. Back in the day, there was this dude named Pheidippides. He was an Athenian courier who ran from the battle of marathon to Athens in 490BC with a message of Nike (“Victory”), but then he straight up collapsed and died. The ancient Greeks were all about that cannabis life. They used it for medicine, religion, and just for chillin’.

Fast forward like 2500 years and this dude named Baron Pierre de Coubertin had an idea. He wanted to recreate that legendary run, so he started the Modern Olympics. The first inaugural Modern Games went down in Athens in 1896, and they had a 40km marathon to honor Pheidippides. This Greek water-carrier named Spyridon Louis won that shit in a time of 2:58:50, kickstarting the whole marathon craze. And not long after that, the Boston Marathon was born.

So fam, marathons are more than just a race. They symbolize our human drive, determination, and spirit. And if cannabis can help a brother out on that journey, then why not give it a shot? But remember, do it right. Stay safe, stay legal, and find that perfect balance between running and Mary Jane. It’s all about finding what works for you and embracing that runner’s high.

Peace out, my fellow runners. Keep grindin’ those miles and keep blazin’ that trail. You got this!

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