Racks ‘n Pots: Tiddies ‘n Trees

Racks ‘n Pots: Tiddies ‘n Trees

Yo, listen up! Breast implants be gettin’ mad popular these days. We talkin’ over 300,000+ women gettin’ them titties done every year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said Americans spent more than $16.5 billion on this cosmetic surgery in 2018. And yo, it ain’t just the US, Canada got over 300,000 ladies goin’ under the knife too. But yo, what does all this have to do with breast implants and marijuana?

So check it, there’s been a lotta news ’bout breast implant illness. People who got them implants talkin’ ’bout chest pain, fatigue, hair loss, and chronic pain. So now peeps be askin’ ’bout the risks of gettin’ implants or havin’ them taken out. And with medical marijuana and CBD becomin’ legal in more states, we gotta think ’bout how weed and implants go together.

When it comes to surgery for reductions or implants, doctors be sayin’ it’s important to have a real talk ’bout smokin’ that ganja. Dr. Nathan Castillo from Atlanta says patients gotta “lay off the weed for at least 4-6 weeks before surgery.” Studies be showin’ that smokin’ weed before surgery can mess with your blood vessels and make your blood pressure drop. That ain’t good durin’ surgery, ya feel me?

And yo, in 2018 there was a study published in the Heliyon journal that said smokin’ weed before surgery can mess up the whole process. It found that the effects of marijuana hit hardest about an hour into surgery and can last for 2-4 hours. This leads to more airway problems and higher doses of anesthesia. Basically, if you smoke before surgery, you takin’ on more risks than someone who don’t smoke. But yo, after-care be a whole different story.

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Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a plastic surgeon, thinks marijuana plays a big role in healin’ the body after a major procedure. He be sayin’ that weed is a better alternative to addictive opioids and narcotics. It helps decrease pain and increase appetite, which makes for better healin’. He even compared weed to nicotine to show how different they are. Nicotine can mess with your blood vessels and screw up wound healin’, but marijuana don’t have that problem. Plus, you ain’t gotta worry ’bout lung cancer like you do with tobacco.

And check this out, Dr. Vincent Maida at the University of Toronto did a study on palliative care and cannabis-based medicines. This study found that 90% of patients saw success in healin’ wounds when they used marijuana. That’s 27 outta 30 patients, yo! Dr. Kaplan said, “Topical medical cannabis can improve pain management for all kinds of wounds.” So maybe in the future, weed could even help with boob surgery scars.

So whether you thinkin’ ’bout gettin’ implants or takin’ ’em out, studies and doctors seem to agree that marijuana can help with healin’ after surgery. So if you ever need a little extra boost in your recovery, maybe it’s time to roll up that blunt and let the healing power of weed work its magic.

Yo, peace out! Stay lifted and keep those titties lookin’ fly!

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