Homie in MN Hookin’ Y’all Up with Free Grow Lessons

Homie in MN Hookin’ Y’all Up with Free Grow Lessons

Yo, listen up, fam! There’s this dude named Steve Rosenfeldt holdin’ it down in Minnesota. This homie owns Ediblez OTC in Moorhead and he’s got some mad knowledge on growing that good-good. And get this, he’s offerin’ free workshops to help people get into the cannabis game. That’s right, FREE! Minnesota just legalized adult-use cannabis and now peeps wanna see if they got that green thumb, ya feel me?

So here’s the deal: adults in Minnesota can grow up to eight plants, four of ’em gotta be mature though. Growing weed ain’t easy, it takes time and practice to master that art. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

According to Inforum, Steve Rosenfeldt is hosting monthly Cannabis 101 and Growing 101 workshops at the Midtown Tavern in Moorhead. Homie wants to share his expertise with the community and help peeps learn how to grow their own stash. And let me tell you, these workshops are poppin’! The most recent one had 40 people showin’ up to get their grow on.

One attendee named Jamie Carrillo told Inforum that it’s super dope to learn how to grow your own weed instead of havin’ to rely on the stores. Word, Jamie! Growin’ your own bud is the way to go. Plus, it’s hella valuable knowledge to have.

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But yo, there’s still a lotta stigma around weed, you know? Some peeps are scared to even be seen at these workshops ’cause they don’t wanna catch any heat. But surprise surprise, a ton of peeps showed up! Looks like the curiosity is overpowerin’ the fear.

Now, Rosenfeldt can legally sell cannabis seeds at his store, but he can’t sell actual marijuana products yet. So for now, he’s sellin’ hemp-derived CBD and THC products. The seeds cost around 30 to 40 bucks, and it takes about four months for ’em to grow into mature plants. That’s a small price to pay for some homegrown goodness!

Let’s talk about the cannabis scene in Minnesota, my dudes. Last May, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill that legalized recreational weed in the state. Minnesota is now the 23rd state in the nation to go green. The bill aims to regulate the cannabis market and create legit businesses all around the state. It gives peeps over 21 years old the right to use cannabis and sets up a system for licensing cultivators, manufacturers, and retail dispensaries.

Oh, and get this: the bill also wipes away low-level cannabis convictions! Can we get a round of applause for that, please? This new law is all about social equity, my friends. It gives special status to military veterans who got screwed over because of a weed offense, farmers from underrepresented communities, and residents of areas that got hit hard by cannabis enforcement.

The Office of Cannabis Management is in charge of overseeing the industry and making sure everything follows the rules. They’re the ones keepin’ an eye on the regulation and sale of cannabis products in Minnesota.

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Now let’s talk about the home cultivation limit, ya feel me? Minnesota set the limit at 32 ounces or 2 pounds when it comes to growing at home. But if you’re out in public, you can only have up to 2 ounces on you. So you better be careful with that stash!

Yo, compared to other states that legalized adult-use weed, Minnesota’s limit is pretty high. Most other states don’t even have a limit for how much you can grow at home. But some states got their own rules, like Massachusetts with 10 ounces, Michigan with 10 ounces, Oregon with eight ounces, and New York with 5 pounds. Damn, New York, y’all really goin’ big with that one!

But here’s the thing, fam: local business owners in Minnesota don’t think peeps gonna need that much weed at home. They predict that 99% of consumers won’t even come close to that limit. And if someone does have that much weed, they’re probably gonna sell it illegally. So maybe it’s a good thing to have a high limit, you know? Keeps things chill and avoids criminalizin’ people who just grow their own for personal use.

But let me tell ya, industry insiders say that the four-plant limit in Minnesota ain’t enough. They think peeps should be able to grow more plants at home to really explore their green thumb skills. And I gotta agree with ’em, four plants can only take you so far.

So there you have it, my dudes. Minnesota is gettin’ into the cannabis game and people are jumpin’ on board. Steve Rosenfeldt is helpin’ peeps out by offerin’ free workshops. He’s sharin’ his knowledge and teachin’ others how to grow that good-good. It’s all about dem green thumbs, baby! So if you’re in Minnesota and lookin’ to get your grow on, hit up those workshops and learn from the best. Stay high and keep it real, my friends!

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