Review on dat Orange Velvet Strain, ya heard about it?

Review on dat Orange Velvet Strain, ya heard about it?

Yo, what up y’all it’s ya boy Dan here to give you the down-low on Orange Velvet, also known as Melvin. This bud has some mysterious genetics that nobody’s quite sure about, but one thing’s for sure – it’s smooth like velvet. This is some dank herb that’s good for folks dealing with stress and chronic pain, and it tastes and smells like a dang orange creamsicle.

If you’re into citrus strains, Orange Velvet is where it’s at. It’s a balanced hybrid that’s probably a cross of Orange Skunk and something else – bred in the Pacific Northwest, but nobody knows who the mastermind behind it was. Despite having a relatively high THC content, this bud is aight for newbies. You’ll feel that cerebral high right off the bat, and some folks say it makes them feel creative and happy. If you don’t go too hard, you’ll stay in control and be chillin’.

But don’t get it twisted, if you’re not used to THC it could make you feel sedated and sleepy once the high starts to come down. Experienced smokers might be able to handle this shit in the afternoon, but most people should save it for nighttime so they don’t get too straight-up comatose. And yo, make sure you have some snacks on deck because this bud will make you hungry AF.

When it comes to taste and smell, Orange Velvet is on point. You’ll get that orange flavor right away, with hints of sourness and sweetness that will make your taste buds sing. The aroma is like a fresh orange creamsicle with notes of vanilla and honey – real talk, it’s delicious.

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If you’re lucky enough to find some Orange Velvet seeds out there in the wild, growing this herb isn’t too much of a struggle. It can handle different temperatures and growing conditions, so it works whether you’re growing inside or outside. It should take about 8-10 weeks to flower and you’ll get a decent yield either way.

Orange Velvet has some decent medical benefits too. If you’re dealing with pain, this bud could help take your mind off it and give you a little euphoria. It’s also good for reducing stress and depression, and could give you a little boost of energy if you don’t go too hard. In larger doses, it could help you sleep better and get your appetite back up.

Of course, if you go too hard on the Orange Velvet, you could end up feeling dizzy, nauseous, or headachy. But in general, the side effects ain’t too bad – just some dry mouth and red eyes.

So there you have it folks, Orange Velvet is a tasty strain that’s good for folks trying to chill out and get a little pain relief. It might be tough to find seeds, but if you can get your hands on some clippings and grow it right, it’s not too hard to cultivate.

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