5 Hacks for Picking the Right Pots for Your Canna Plants

5 Hacks for Picking the Right Pots for Your Canna Plants

Yo, what up, it’s ya boy Dan! If you’re living in the U.S., you might have noticed that cannabis is becoming legal for medical and recreational use. That means if you’re living in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you might even be able to grow your own weed! Growing your own cannabis can be a dope experience, but it can also be pretty daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, I’m here to break it down for you. In this guide, we’re going to talk about one of the most important things when it comes to growing pot: choosing the right container. Here are my top five tips for choosing the perfect pot for your cannabis plants.

1. Know Your Pots

First things first, there are different kinds of pots that you can use for growing cannabis. If you’re already a green thumb and have a garden going on, then chances are you probably have some containers lying around that can work. Here are some of the most common pots used for growing:

– Plastic Container: Cheap and easy to find, but not very durable.

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– Ceramic Container: Great for regulating temperature, but not so good for drainage.

– Fabric Containers: Excellent airflow and drainage, but can be flimsy.

– Air Pots: Amazing airflow and drainage, but can be expensive.

There are other containers out there that you can use, but these are the most common ones. When choosing a pot, you need to think about things like cost and size. Even if you don’t have a lot of space or money, you can still find a pot that works for you.

2. Think About The Growing Medium

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Another thing to consider when choosing a container is the growing medium that you’ll be using. When you first start growing your plants, you’ll need to choose what kind of medium to use. Most growers use soil because plants absorb water and nutrients from it while taking in oxygen from the air pockets within the soil. However, some growers use hydroponics, which means growing in water with an alternative medium such as rock wool or coco coir.

Different containers work better with different growing mediums. For example, air pots are ideal for hydroponics. As long as your roots are healthy and developing properly, then you’re doing something right!

3. Size Matters

It’s crucial to make sure that your plants have a container that is the right size so they can draw enough oxygen, water, and nutrients from the soil. A seedling will only need a small pot at first; some growers even use a solo cup! As your plant grows, you’ll need to transplant it into larger pots (we’ll talk more about that in the next section). A good rule of thumb is to use two gallons for every 12 inches of height.

Here’s a rough guide to the size container you’ll need based on plant height:

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– 12″ plant: 2-3 gallons

– 24″ plant: 3-5 gallons

– 36″ plant: 6-8 gallons

– 48″ plant: 8-10 gallons

– 60″ plant: 12+ gallons

By the way, fabric pots may need to be twice as big because they dry out quickly.

4. Transplanting Tips

Eventually, your young cannabis plant will outgrow its seedling pot and will need to be transplanted into a larger container. When the plant’s leaves reach the edge of the pot, it’s time to make the move. A few days before transplanting, avoid watering your plants so it’s easier to remove them from their current pot.

Here are some tips for transplanting:

– Wash your hands and wear gloves before handling your plants so you don’t contaminate the roots.

– Fill the new container with growing medium and transfer the plant from one pot to another.

– Be careful not to damage the roots or shock the plant.

– Avoid intense light after transplanting.

– Water the soil after transplanting.

Remember not to transplant any plant after it has started flowering.

5. Catch That Water Runoff!

When growing cannabis, water runoff is inevitable. As water moves through the soil, it may collect at the bottom unless there’s adequate drainage. Most plant pots have holes in them for this reason – but you don’t want water all over your floor! You need a simple and effective system for collecting water runoff.

All you need is a saucer or tray to catch any excess water. Saucers work well for just one or two plants but remember to empty them often. Trays are better if you’re growing lots of plants because they catch water from multiple pots at once. Using a water transfer pump makes it easier to move water out of trays too!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right container is essential when growing cannabis. It’s not complicated though; once you know what factors matter (like cost, size, and airflow) you’ll be able to pick the perfect pot for your cannabis plants. Just remember to always monitor your plants and adjust the size of the container as needed. Good luck and happy growing!

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