Ohio Cannabis School Gets Certified

Ohio Cannabis School Gets CertifiedYo yo, what’s up fam? It’s ya boy Dan coming at you with some lit news straight outta Ohio. Check it, the Cleveland School of Cannabis just dropped a bombshell on March 6, announcing that they the first cannabis school in the U.S. to get recognized by the Middle States Association-CESS. That’s some next level stuff right there.

According to a press release from CSC, this accreditation is a big deal for the cannabis industry as a whole. With over 1,100 graduates already making moves in the workforce, this recognition could open up all kinds of opportunities for research, education, and professional development in the cannabis game.

So peep this, Middle States Association-CESS has been around for over 130 years, evaluating and accrediting schools left and right. Accreditation is like a stamp of approval that shows a school is holding it down in terms of quality and performance across the board.

The feds are also starting to get into the mix, talking about potentially rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule III substance. CSC’s recognition by the Department of Education might just be a sign that attitudes towards cannabis are shifting on a federal level, which could mean big things for the industry as a whole.

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CSC ain’t messing around either – they just moved into a new building with all kinds of dope facilities like grow labs, processing labs, kitchens, mock dispensaries, and even a virtual reality lab. They’re taking education to the next level with hands-on learning experiences that set students up for success in the cannabis industry.

And get this, CSC is also using cutting-edge technology like VR and gaming engines to create digital versions of their labs for remote students. They even offer a virtual course called “My First Plant” to teach folks how to grow their own cannabis at home. That’s some futuristic stuff right there.

But hold up, there’s a catch. Even though CSC has that sweet accreditation, they ain’t approved to participate in certain federal programs under the Higher Education Act. So while students at accredited schools can usually get financial aid, it’s up in the air if CSC qualifies for that.

Founder Austin Briggs knows the struggle of running a cannabis business in Ohio firsthand. He’s had to fight tooth and nail for every little thing just to keep things rolling. But with Issue 2 passing and that accreditation in hand, he’s hoping it’ll be a turning point for Ohio policy when it comes to supporting cannabis programs.

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President Tyrone Russell is all about training up students and connecting them with jobs in the industry. He knows that education is key to opening up opportunities for folks looking to break into the workforce. Companies need to hire from their communities, and that only happens when community members have access to education.

Other schools are jumping on the cannabis education train too. The University of Maryland kicked things off with one of the first medical cannabis Master’s degree programs back in 2019. Since then, more institutions have been rolling out programs and degrees focused on cannabis studies.

Just this year, Roanoke College in Virginia launched a new cannabis studies program too. Professor DorothyBelle “DB” Poli helped set up the program and hopes it’ll bring clarity to tough issues by creating a multidisciplinary think tank for students to dive into.

So there you have it, fam – Ohio is stepping up its game in the cannabis education world. With more schools recognizing the importance of cannabis studies, who knows what kind of dope opportunities will open up for students looking to make moves in the industry. Stay tuned for more lit updates from ya boy Dan!

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