Hustlin’ Back to College for a Degree in… Mary Jane? – Surge in Applicants for Cannabis Ed Courses Catches Ohio By Storm

Hustlin’ Back to College for a Degree in… Mary Jane? – Surge in Applicants for Cannabis Ed Courses Catches Ohio By Storm

Yo, what’s good, fam? It’s your boy Dan here, and today we gonna talk about some straight fire news. So check it, Ohio might be legalizing recreational marijuana real soon. After going through some crazy challenges and haters who didn’t wanna even think about it, the proposal is finally gaining some momentum. They just gotta get them signatures and it’s game on.

If this thing passes, anyone 21 and up can cop up to 2.5 ounces of that good good. And you know they gotta tax it, so they slapping a 10% tax on purchases. That money gonna go towards all sorts of things like covering those administrative costs, addiction treatment programs, and even helping out the hood with dispensaries and job opportunities. Talk about spreading the love, right?

But here’s the real tea, my peeps. The youngins in Ohio ain’t tryna hit up college no more. They seeing all them dollar signs in the cannabis industry and they like, “Nah, I’m good.” Can you believe that? Instead of getting that degree, they hustling their way into the green game. And honestly, I can’t hate on ’em.

It makes sense, yo. Ohio been granting mad dispensary licenses this year and medical marijuana sales already hit a billion dollars in 2022. That’s some serious cheddar right there. And experts saying we gonna have 4,000 more jobs in the industry by 2024. So why waste your money on some boring college degree when you can learn all you need to know about Mary Jane?

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That’s where the Cleveland School of Cannabis comes in. They been holding it down since 2017, teaching students everything they need to know about the plant. You can take science courses to learn about its healing powers or marketing courses to learn how to collab with dispensaries. It’s the only legit school in the Midwest, fam.

Now, let’s talk about why cannabis education is so damn important. It ain’t just about getting high and making bank. Nah, it’s about breaking down them stereotypes and myths about Mary Jane. People be thinking it’s addictive or a gateway drug, but that’s all BS. And as we start to recognize its medical benefits more and more, that stigma gonna fade away.

And check this out, when you enroll in a cannabis college, you ain’t just learning about how to roll a joint. Nah, it’s way deeper than that. You diving into the science behind it, the cultivation techniques, the extraction processes, and even the business side of things. This education gonna take our industry to a whole new level.

But it ain’t just about the money and the knowledge, my peeps. This trend got some serious implications for Northeast Ohio. If we legalize recreational weed, we gonna see an economic boom like never before. Tax revenue gonna be flowing in, jobs gonna be poppin’, and other industries like tourism and retail gonna thrive. We gotta be ready for that wave.

And let’s not forget about promoting responsible use and harm reduction. Cannabis education gonna teach people how to use it safely and responsibly. We don’t want nobody out here abusing our girl Mary Jane, right? So by spreading that knowledge, we building a culture of responsible cannabis use.

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And last but not least, embracing cannabis education gonna help us fight them haters and break down them stereotypes. We gotta show the world that cannabis ain’t all bad. It’s time to have some open discussions and address both the advantages and disadvantages of this plant. Together, we can change the game and make cannabis policy better for everyone.

So there you have it, my peeps. Northeast Ohio getting ready for some major changes, and education is the key to unlock all them opportunities. Whether you wanna grow that fire bud or start your own cannabis business, get yourself educated. Let’s show the world what we can do with Mary Jane.

Peace out, y’all! Stay lit and keep it real.

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