Nirvana Shop, Yo! A Review and Cannabis Growing Tips for 2023

Nirvana Shop, Yo! A Review and Cannabis Growing Tips for 2023

Yo, what up, it’s your boy Dan here, and I gotta tell ya about one of the dopest cannabis seed shops in Amsterdam – Nirvana Shop. These cats have been holdin’ it down for over 25 years, and they got a great rep in the game. But let’s keep it real, they ain’t perfect – there’s been some issues with their genetics, customer support, and international shipping. So, here’s my full review of Nirvana Shop, so you can decide if they’re the seed bank for you.

First off, let me tell ya about some alternatives out there. Herbies Seeds is killin’ it the with their worldwide shipping and acceptin’ Bitcoin and credit cards. And for my US peeps out there, you gotta check out ILGM Seed Bank – they’re a reputable Dutch brand that ships discretely to the US.

Now, back to Nirvana Shop. These cats have built up a solid reputation in the cannabis growin’ world. But some buyers have had issues with shipping, customer service, and germination rates. Overall though, most of their buyers are happy with their experiences with Nirvana Seeds.

The founder of Nirvana Shop, Mau, was workin’ in an Amsterdam grow shop in the 1980s and learned everything he could about the cannabis business. He traveled the world lookin’ for the best strains and started mixin’ ’em up to create his own strains. In 1995, he opened up Nirvana Shop and started makin’ hemp products like wine, beer, liquor, and iced tea.

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Nirvana Shop has close to 100 feminized strains of their own creation. They also carry some growin’ supplies and nutrients. Most buyers are happy with their seeds and have great crops to show for it. But there have been some complaints about inconsistencies in seed quality.

Some buyers have had issues with germination or never gettin’ their seeds at all. But Nirvana Shop has a friendly and responsive support team that can help you out if this happens to you.

Their website is user-friendly with prices in different currencies and translated into multiple languages. They also have a helpful growin’ guide called WeedPortal.

Prices are fair at Nirvana Shop, and they offer weekly seed sales and other free seed promos. Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders. You can pay with Bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer or cash. But be careful if you’re sendin’ cash through the mail – some buyers have had envelopes lost in transit.

Nirvana Shop ships worldwide with stealth methods to avoid suspicion. But some buyers in the US haven’t received their orders or had multiple incidents of missing seeds.

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Overall, Nirvana Shop is a solid choice for your cannabis seed needs. They got some things to improve on like genetics issues and lost orders but they got great customer service and good prices. Keep an eye on ’em though to see how they improve in the future.

That’s my review of Nirvana Shop – now go get those seeds!

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