Gettin’ Lit in Dry Times: Tips on Growing Cannabis in the Drought

Gettin' Lit in Dry Times: Tips on Growing Cannabis in the Drought

Yo, what’s good my fellow growers? It ain’t always easy to grow dank weed in the scorching hot and dry heat, but don’t give up hope. We got you covered with some tips on how to keep your plants thriving even in drought conditions.

First things first, it all starts with choosing the right strain. You wanna go for those sativa-dominant genetics that are used to hot and humid environments. Strains like Critical and Bubble Kush are two of my faves that can handle the heat and produce some fire buds.

Now, where you plant your babies is key. Indoors or outdoors, you gotta make sure you have some sort of control over the environment. Use a grow tent or create some shade with bamboo and netting. Make sure there’s adequate airflow and keep that soil well-watered and protected with straw bedding.

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Speaking of soil, mixing in some coco coir can do wonders for your plants in hot climates. It soothes the roots and helps fight off heat stress. But keep in mind, it doesn’t contain any nutrients so you’ll wanna supplement with some polymers and nutrients like humic acid, silica, and kelp extract to strengthen those stems and boost growth.

Water is also a precious commodity when it comes to growing in drought conditions. Use polymers to make sure your plant has access to enough water as it grows. Try to water early in the day and avoid getting water on the leaves which can burn them.

And let’s not forget about the containers we use to grow our plants in. Digging a hole in the ground for your pot can protect the soil from the sun’s intensity. Avoid black plastic pots which store more heat than white pots. And use air pots or fabric pots which allow oxygen from all sides but can cause soil to dry out faster so make sure to water regularly.

It takes time and patience to grow cannabis in extreme heat and dryness but following these tips can help increase your chances of success. Keep on growing, my friends!

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