Nevada Straight Up Doubles Their Weed Stash Limit, Ya Heard?

Nevada Straight Up Doubles Their Weed Stash Limit, Ya Heard?Yo, peeps! Let me tell y’all ’bout this new law that went down in Nevada, starting January 1. They be making some major changes to the state’s cannabis laws, and it’s gonna blow your mind. This bill, called Senate Bill 277, got passed by Nevada lawmakers back in the spring and signed into law by Republican Governor Joe Lombardo on June 14. It’s a big deal, my friends.

So check this out – in 2001, Nevada legalized medical marijuana, and then they took it to a whole ‘nother level by legalizing recreational weed with Question 2 in 2016. But now, with this new law, they be doubling the amount of weed you can have. Yeah, you heard me right. The possession limit for recreational marijuana is going from one ounce to a whopping 2.5 ounces. And not just that, they also gonna double the limits for cannabis concentrates from one-eighth of an ounce to a quarter ounce. Damn, that’s a lot of green!

But wait, there’s more! This law also lets all them adult-use cannabis dispensaries sell their products to medical marijuana patients too. Starting next year, the state ain’t gonna issue no new licenses for medical marijuana businesses unless there be some areas in Nevada that don’t allow recreational dispensaries. It’s all about bringing people together and streamlining the process, ya know?

This bill was sponsored by Democratic state Senator Dallas Harris, and she says that letting medical dispensaries serve recreational customers is a game-changer for Nevada’s cannabis industry. She thinks it’s gonna make things easier for the operators and get rid of some unnecessary red tape. We all like things to be simpler, right?

And hold up, here’s another part of this law that’s gonna blow your mind. They easing up on the restrictions for people with felony convictions when it comes to working at cannabis businesses in Nevada. The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board got the power now to issue licenses to businesses with stakeholders who got them felonies, as long as it ain’t a threat to public health or safety or messin’ up the cannabis industry. They gotta do a background check and all, but it’s a chance for people to turn their lives around and get into the game.

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But it don’t stop there, my peeps. This law also tellin’ the state Cannabis Advisory Commission to study what would happen if weed was legal nationwide and if they took it off that Uniform Controlled Substances Act. They gotta look at how it would affect the industry and if there be any ways to reduce any negative impact on the environment without hurtin’ the folks holdin’ them licenses. It’s all about being responsible and thinking ahead.

So, some parts of this law kicked in right when it got passed in June, but the rest of it, including the bigger possession limit, started on January 1. It’s a new year, new rules, and Nevada is leadin’ the way in the green revolution. Keep your eyes on this state, my friends, ’cause they makin’ moves and shakin’ things up in the world of weed.

Peace out, y’all!

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