Should You Roll or Stash Your Green? – Airline Crew Busted Jacking Huge Stash from Checked Luggage

Should You Roll or Stash Your Green? - Airline Crew Busted Jacking Huge Stash from Checked Luggage

Yo, what’s crackin’, fam? So peep this, federal prosecutors just dropped some mad knowledge on an extensive operation goin’ down at San Francisco International Airport. Apparently, a bunch of United Airlines employees been straight-up stealin’ that sticky icky from people’s checked luggage for years, and now they finally gettin’ busted. The San Francisco Standard got the scoop, sayin’ that these two baggage handlers named Joel Lamont Dunn and Adrian Webb be facin’ charges for conspirin’ to distribute that sweet Mary Jane as part of this whole shady scheme.

According to all them court documents, Dunn and Webb had at least three other airport workers help ’em out in snatchin’ them suitcases full of ganja. Then they be slickly movin’ it into big ol’ trash bags holdin’ 15-20 gallons before stashin’ it in their rides. The prosecutors claim that Dunn be the mastermind behind it all, pullin’ the strings while Webb playin’ his trusty sidekick.

This shit been goin’ down since 2020, when Dunn first approached one of his airline homies to join in on the action. And get this, he was throwin’ down $2,000 per shift for anyone willin’ to get down and dirty with ’em. That’s a fat stack of $10,000 every week, fam! But you know what? That snitch eventually flipped and started workin’ with the authorities. Gotta watch your back in these streets!

On June 8, 2021, surveillance cameras caught Dunn, Webb, and their crew haulin’ them black trash bags outta a secure area in the airport. But later that same day, them fools got rolled up on in the employee parkin’ lot and got jacked at gunpoint. When they called the cops, they conveniently forgot to mention that the stolen goods was actually that good-good Mary Jane.

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Then in October 2022, the feds confronted two other cats who was associated with Dunn and Webb. Turns out, these dudes had vacuum-sealed bags with a whopping 30 pounds of weed. That shit was all up in court records, exposin’ just how deep this operation went.

Now let’s talk about the timeline, cuz this shit been goin’ on for years. Dunn and Webb started this hustle all the way back in 2020, recruitin’ other workers at the airport to join their illegal club. It’s crazy how they managed to keep this whole thing under wraps for so long. We need some tighter security up in them airports, man! They gotta start doin’ background checks, keepin’ an eye on their employees, and puttin’ some real protocols in place to shut down these kinda operations.

But yo, now it’s time to name names. Dunn and Webb are the main dudes facin’ charges from the Justice Department. These baggage handlers took advantage of their positions to pull off their little heists. And let me tell you, the charges against ’em ain’t no joke. They gonna learn real quick that messin’ with that green can land you in some serious trouble.

The prosecutors ain’t playin’ around either. They got witnesses, surveillance footage, and all kinds of evidence linkin’ Dunn and Webb to this whole conspiracy. They makin’ it crystal clear that if you try any funny business at an airport, you gonna feel the wrath of the law. Can’t be messin’ with the safety of travelers and think you gonna get away with it.

Oh, and by the way, they makin’ it known that Dunn be the big boss of this operation. He was callin’ all the shots, recruitin’ people, and plannin’ everything out. This dude had it all under control, like a real kingpin. The prosecutors want everyone to know just how responsible he is for this whole mess. They gonna bring him down and make sure he pays for what he did.

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But hold up, there’s more. Them court documents spilled the beans on some other airport workers gettin’ in on the action too. It ain’t just Dunn and Webb runnin’ the show. They recruited at least three other employees to help ’em steal that green from people’s bags. These cats played vital roles in makin’ sure the operation ran smoothly, from movin’ the goods to hidin’ it in their rides. It was a well-oiled machine, fam.

This whole thing exposes some serious flaws in the security at San Francisco International Airport. They gotta step up their game and start screenin’ their employees better. And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no movie theater kind of screening, I mean real background checks and keepin’ tabs on their staff. It’s time to tighten things up so we don’t have any more of these shady operations goin’ down.

So there you have it, my peeps. United Airlines employees been snatchin’ that Mary Jane from people’s luggage for years at San Francisco International Airport. But now they gettin’ caught and facin’ them charges. This whole thing shows us that we gotta beef up security, screen our employees better, and shut down these criminal operations. Let’s keep our airports safe and secure, my friends.

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