Nebraska gonna finally legalize medical weed on the 3rd try?

Nebraska gonna finally legalize medical weed on the 3rd try?

Yo, what’s up guys? It’s your boy Dan, and I’m here to talk about Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. These guys are trying to get medical cannabis legalized in the state, and they’re not giving up until they get it done. This is their third attempt, and they’re hoping that this time around, they’ll finally get the green light.

So, these guys turned in two petitions to the secretary of state’s office last Thursday in an effort to start the 2024 election process. Senator Anna Wishart’s reform measure is currently stuck in committee, and these guys are not waiting around for the government to do something about it. They gathered enough signatures to get it on the 2020 ballot, but the state Supreme Court disqualified the proposal because of a legal issue with its single subject. They also failed to gather enough signatures for updated petitions in 2022 due to a lack of funds.

Crista Eggers, co-chair of the NMM campaign, said that they need to consistently petition the government because the Legislature is not listening to them. Despite more than 80% of Nebraskans supporting medical marijuana across political lines, geographic regions, and age brackets, their efforts have been consistently shut down by the government. As a result, they’re turning to voting as their means of advancement.

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Senator Wishart confirmed that the language in the newly submitted petitions is the same as in 2022. She mentioned that the Secretary of State’s office would legally review the petitions. Wishart expressed determination regarding the 2024 ballot effort, stating that they would file again. Every setback they encounter only strengthens their resolve.

The NMM campaign aims to ensure legal protection for doctors who recommend cannabis and patients who use and possess it. The initiative focuses on patients and seeks to establish a state statute that exempts them from penalties under state and local law when they possess limited quantities of cannabis for medical purposes with a written recommendation from a healthcare practitioner. Additionally, it allows caregivers to assist qualified patients in these activities. The second measure proposes the creation of the Nebraska Medical Cannabis Commission, which would be responsible for registering and regulating individuals involved in the possession, manufacturing, distribution, delivery, and dispensing of medical cannabis.

The complementary proposals have been carefully designed to maintain a narrow focus to prevent potential legal obstacles similar to the single-subject challenge that hindered the previous reform effort in 2020. The aim is to ensure that each initiative addresses a specific subject matter, minimizing the chances of derailment.

Adam Morfeld, co-chair of NMM and a former Nebraska senator, emphasized that the setback faced in 2020 provided valuable guidance for refiling a new initiative. After thoroughly examining the court’s decision, the campaign has developed two new statutory initiatives that they are confident will meet constitutional requirements.

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To secure a spot on the November 2024 ballot, the campaign needs to gather approximately 87,000 valid signatures for each petition and submit them by July 5, 2024. Activists plan to commence a signature drive at the beginning of June.

Medical professionals and patient advocacy organizations have significantly contributed to Nebraska’s current medical cannabis petition campaign. These guys have received strong support from organizations like the Nebraska Medical Association and regional patient advocacy groups, who have highlighted the potential advantages of cannabis-based medicines for treating patients’ pain and enhancing their quality of life. Their backing gives the petition more authority and informs the public about medical cannabis’s therapeutic potential.

In conclusion, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is not giving up until they get medical cannabis legalized in Nebraska. Supported by medical professionals, patient advocacy groups, and a dedicated team of volunteers, they aim to gather the required signatures to secure a place on the 2024 ballot. These guys continue to advocate for the advancement of medical cannabis, fueling hope for its legalization in Nebraska.

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