Florida Advocacy Group Claps Back at Attorney General for Hatin’ on 2024 Ballot Initiative

Florida Advocacy Group Claps Back at Attorney General for Hatin' on 2024 Ballot Initiative

Yo, check it out, my peeps! Smart & Safe Florida (SSF), this dope advocacy group from Florida, been workin’ their a**es off tryna get cannabis legalized in 2024. They just dropped some bomb news about new briefs they filed with the Florida Supreme Court. Sh**’s getting real, yo!

On July 19, SSF, alongside the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida and the Cato Institute, came through with a new brief in response to Attorney General Ashley Moody’s challenge to their initiative. This sh** is so high profile, the Supreme Court be callin’ it a “high profile case.” You feel me?

In their brief, SSF straight up said that they’ve been followin’ this roadmap for previous cannabis ballot initiatives that’s been laid out by the Supreme Court. But now, Moody tryna f*** with that sh** and change the game. SSF ain’t havin’ none of that. They sayin’, “Nah b***h, we ain’t lettin’ you redraw the map like that.” Moody tryna make the Supreme Court discard three of their own precedents and create some new standard for throwin’ away past rulings. That’s some bullsh**, man!

SSF be askin’ the Supreme Court to tell Moody and her crew to f*** off and confirm that their initiative is good to go on the ballot. They just want their voices heard, ya know? They don’t want these misguided efforts messin’ with their legal rights.

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Even the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida and the Cato Institute got their own briefs goin’. The Business Association be sayin’ that Moody be talkin’ out her a** cuz she ain’t mentionin’ that there’s gonna be a period when the marijuana industry won’t be regulated in producin’ weed for non-medical use by adults. They sayin’ her argument is all speculatin’ and ain’t got nothin’ to do with Florida’s history of regulatin’ weed. They just want the ballot title and summary approved, ya feel?

The Cato Institute be sayin’ that this ballot initiative don’t violate no single subject rule. They tryna shut Moody down, man!

Now, here’s the deal. For this initiative to be legit, SSF gotta submit a crazy amount of signatures—891,589 to be exact. Back in March, they already dropped 420,000 signatures, but they only needed 222,881 to trigger a Supreme Court review. They halfway there!

Then in May, Moody came through with her own opinion sayin’ the ballot don’t meet the single subject rule. SSF was like, “Yo, we wanna hear what you gotta say, but we also want our day in court.” They remindin’ everyone that the Attorney General’s opinion ain’t no law and the Supreme Court gonna decide this sh**.

By June, Moody officially challenged the initiative sayin’ the title and summary is all “incorrect and misleading” cuz weed still illegal under federal law. She called another ballot initiative “misleading” last year and that got shut down too.

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Now, here’s some real talk. Trulieve, this bomb a** cannabis company, been droppin’ some serious cash to get this legalization game goin’. They tossed in a whopping $39.05 million to help SSF get this sh** on the ballot in 2024. That’s some dedication right there!

If this initiative actually happens and people vote for it, medical cannabis businesses can start sellin’ weed for recreational use. Plus, state legislators can up the number of dispensaries. It’s gonna be a whole new world of ganja! But hold up, it don’t mention home cultivation or expungin’ weed convictions. They gotta work on that sh**.

So, my homies, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this Florida cannabis legalization situation. SSF ain’t backin’ down, and they fightin’ for your right to blaze it up. Stay tuned, stay lit! Peace out!

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