Michigan Regulator Put the Kibosh on Cannabis Processor’s License

Michigan Regulator Put the Kibosh on Cannabis Processor's License

Yo wassup Dan here, and here to bring yall the tea about what went down up in the Mitten. Yall mighta heard by now that the regulators in Michigan done put the kibosh on a processor’s license for cannabis.

We ain’t sure what it was about, but apparently it was a big enough deal for the powers that be to front it like a muhfuggin marching band. So here’s how it all went down – there was this processor who got their eyes on getting one of them licenses, but then they got hit with the bad news – they ain’t gonna get one no time soon.

The processor went ahead and put the bid in and waited for the verdict, but they didn’t get what they expected. The powers that be up in Michigan decided that the processor had violated something, even though we ain’t too sure what exactly. All we know is that they were told their application was denied and they weren’t gonna get what they wanted no matter what.

So now, wether or not this processor coulda done something different ain’t for us to say, but one thing’s for sure – them regulators ain’t gonna let no one mess around when it comes to getting a license. They don’t play around when it comes to keeping things legit in the Mitten.

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The processor got hit with a sad face on the news, so now they gotta figure out what to do next. The only thing we know is that they can either keep trying to get that license or take their business elsewhere. It’s tough news for sure, but that’s how it goes sometimes – you can’t get everything you want every time.

At least there’s plenty of other places out there where you can legally process cannabis, so there’s hope out there if you’re willing to look for it. But still, you gotta give the Michigan regulators props for keeping things under control when it comes to licenses. Ain’t nothing worse than someone trying to slide through without following protocol.

So yeah that’s the tea right now on getting your cannabis processor license denied in Michigan – you gotta stay legit or suffer the consequences. That’s just how it goes sometimes – you gotta keep your ducks in a row or else you’ll be feeling that kibosh sooner or later. Stay safe out there folks!

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