Master Kush Strain Review & 411 – Don’t Miss It!

Master Kush Strain Review & 411 - Don't Miss It!

Yo, what’s up guys? It’s your boy Dan here, and today we’re gonna talk about some dope strains of weed. Now, if you’re into that good good, then you gotta check out Master Kush. This strain is straight up fire, and it’s got a punch for those who like strong marijuana.

This strain used to be called High Rise, because the people who bred it were living on a high rise building in Amsterdam. That’s pretty cool, right? But now it’s known as Master Kush, and it’s one of the most popular strains in the world. It’s loved by people everywhere, and even Snoop Dogg himself has praised this strain. That’s how you know it’s legit.

This strain is mostly indica and has all its traits in full glory. When you smoke it, get ready to go in slow motion. It calms you down and is perfect for smoking when you’re at home chilling on your couch. It’s smooth and won’t freeze you at one place when smoked. You’ll surely get a body high without becoming non-functional.

The THC levels of this strain get up to 24%, so be prepared for a ride! Now, let’s talk about growing Master Kush in the best way possible.

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You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors easily. If you’re a beginner, I recommend using the best LED grow lights you can get and a good marijuana grow tent. These two things are the most important when growing weed indoors.

If you want to grow this strain outdoors, make sure you have warm and sunny weather outside. This strain needs a tropical climate to reach its full potential. It needs a lot of direct sunlight to thrive and provide the best yields. The growth of the strain is bushy and dense, so it’s important for strong light to penetrate through all of that.

This strain is capable of fighting off insects, molds, pests, and parasites, making it one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow. It’s engineered to give growers ample amounts of buds. You just have to take care of a few things, and you’ll be rewarded aptly.

When growing indoors, this plant will grow short but very bushy and densely packed. So if you have a small space for growing marijuana, purchasing seeds of this strain would make sense. Using hydroponics to push the plant to its extreme yield capacity would also make sense.

This strain will be ready to harvest in about 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. You can expect to get 14-17 ounces of delicious quality buds per square meter of your growing area indoors. If you grow it outdoors in tropical weather conditions where you live, then you can get as much as 18 ounces of buds per plant at the end of September or early October.

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Now let’s talk about the medical benefits of Master Kush. This strain is very famous for its medical properties and has been prescribed by doctors for patients suffering from both mental and physical ailments. It has been proven effective in treating chronic pains and high stress levels.

Master Kush has also been used to treat things like muscle spasms, migraines, joint pain, headaches, anxiety, depression, and similar mental disorders. It’s one of the best relaxing marijuana strains out there.

If you’re not able to sleep at night, then smoking this strain before going to bed will help you achieve a good restorative sleep. The effects will linger around for hours on end, making this a great strain to smoke before a few hours of bedtime.

When it comes to effects, Master Kush is a potent strain fully packed with a cerebral punch. Therefore, if you’re starting out on your marijuana journey, then this might not be the best strain for you. But even though if you like to try it out, then please go very slow with the dosage.

If you overdo it, be ready to be couch-locked for a while. A lot of people smoke this strain precisely for this couch locking effect cause it tends to show vivid visuals which can be enjoyable for many.

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The taste of this strain is strong and will make your tongue feel tingly. It tastes like sweetness mixed with woody flavor; the taste and smoke both are very smooth. The after taste contains traces of citrus and earthy taste.

The smell of Master Kush is full of dank aroma; it’s quite unique, and people who smoke this regularly can identify the smell instantly. The fragrance contains hints of earthy and citrus notes along with a lot of pungent smell as well.

In conclusion, Master Kush Weed Strain is one of the best strains out there that cater both medically and recreationally! So what are you waiting for? Try Master Kush today!

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