Is Bobby D Chiefin’ on that Green?

Is Bobby D Chiefin' on that Green?Yo, check it—my man De Niro ain’t your average actor. He’s part of the OG cool club, always breaking the mold and keeping it real. This dude is tough, determined, and always on the grind. But yo, does De Niro ever kick back and chill with some weed? Like, does he even have time for that?

Born back in ’43, this dude has been in the game for a minute. He’s played all kinds of roles, from tough guys to grumpy old heads that we all seem to vibe with. This dude has won mad awards, become an icon in the game, and ain’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. But yo, does he light up a blunt and just mellow out sometimes?

His last flick was in ’23 when he was 80 years old, but don’t sleep on my man just yet. He’s got a political thriller mini series called Zero Day dropping soon on Netflix. And let’s not forget about his creative partnership with Martin Scorsese—that collab helped shape his legacy in the game. From his role as “Johnny Boy” Civello in Mean Streets to Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, my man always brings that fire to the screen.

Teaming up with Francis Ford Coppola as Vito Corleone in The Godfather II solidified his rep as a straight-up G in the eyes of the public. The intensity he brings to his roles is straight up legendary, no cap. And you know what? My man De Niro ain’t afraid to admit that weed has helped him along the way.

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Sometimes he blazes up just to chill out, but other times it’s coming from a deeper place. De Niro got hooked on that Mary Jane after a few hits from a bong while filming Jackie Brown. It got so real that filming had to be put on hold while he and that bong became besties for a couple days. But hey, maybe it’s that green that brings out his humor and wit in flicks like Meet the Parents.

When my man was battling prostate cancer, he didn’t let that stop him from doing his thing. Cannabis came through for him, helping manage those treatment symptoms and chronic pain like a true homie.

De Niro ain’t just about acting tough on screen—he’s made a fat stack playing those hard-edged characters with hearts of gold. In ’06, my man even scooped up Italian citizenship. But hold up—Sons of Italy weren’t feeling it. They straight up opposed his movies because they thought he was painting Italians as nothing but criminals. Talk about drama!

So there you have it—my man De Niro is a legend in the game who ain’t afraid to keep it real on and off screen. And when it comes to kicking back with some weed and chilling out? Yeah, he’s all about that too.

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