The US Hemp Game is About to be Shut Down – Closing the Delta-8 and Delta-9 Farm Bill Loophole Will Kill Hemp in America

The US Hemp Game is About to be Shut Down - Closing the Delta-8 and Delta-9 Farm Bill Loophole Will Kill Hemp in AmericaYo, peep this – the 2018 Farm Bill came through and legalized hemp cultivation, separate from marijuana cuz it got that low THC content. But hold up, there’s a new wave of psychoactive hemp products hitting the streets, especially that delta-8 THC, causing some major issues with the law and public health. Now, there’s talk of an amendment to the Farm Bill that wants to shut it all down, banning hemp-derived cannabinoid products, including that delta-8 THC. Rep. Mary Miller from Illinois is behind this move, looking to redefine what hemp is and close that loophole around getting lit off hemp.

If you been keeping up with the hemp game for the past 8 years and hitting up shows like the Benzinga Cannabis Conference, you know that the only thing keeping the US hemp industry afloat is selling products like Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC to folks looking for a buzz without access to legal weed. Forget about hemp-crete and twine, the real money is in selling that “hemp that gets you high.”

But now, with this new amendment on the table, things might take a turn for the worse. Here’s what it’s all about:

1. Redefining Hemp: They wanna exclude anything with detectable THC levels and cannabinoids made outside of the plant.
2. Ban on Delta-8 THC: Say goodbye to those psychoactive products, especially delta-8 THC.
3. Tighter Rules: They wanna make sure there are better guidelines and controls over making and selling hemp products.

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Supporters of the amendment say it’s necessary ‘cause things have been getting out of hand:

– They’re marketing this stuff to kids with colorful packaging that looks like candy.
– The market for these cannabinoids is like the wild west, no rules means no safety.
– People are worried about health risks from unregulated products.

But hold up, not everyone is down with this plan:

– A lot of CBD products could get caught up in this ban, even though they don’t get you high.
– The industry could take a hit economically, losing jobs and money.
– People rely on these products for their health and wellness, so cutting them off isn’t cool.

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The hemp market in the US is worth a cool $28 billion right now, but if this amendment goes through, we could see some serious changes:

– Job losses in agriculture, retail, and manufacturing could be in the tens of thousands.
– Sales might drop big time ‘cause a bunch of products won’t be legal anymore.
– Investors might think twice about putting money into hemp ‘cause of all this uncertainty.

Regulations have been an issue ever since hemp was legalized back in 2018:

– The FDA hasn’t figured out how to regulate CBD yet, so every state has different rules.
– Safety and quality standards are all over the place without federal guidelines.
– There’s no control over who can buy these psychoactive products, raising concerns about kids getting their hands on them.

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So now we wait to see what happens next:

– The House Agriculture Committee has to okay this amendment first before it can go any further.
– The Senate has its own version of the Farm Bill coming soon, so they’ll have their say too.
– In the end, whatever version of the Farm Bill gets passed will have to balance public health with industry needs.

This whole situation raises bigger questions about regulating cannabinoids in general:

– If they’re excluding THC and synthetic cannabinoids from hemp, what does that mean for other cannabinoids like CBD?
– Some folks think this amendment will finally level the playing field when it comes to regulating intoxicating hemp products.
– And we can expect more debates on the safety and legality of these products as time goes on.

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With all this talk about regulation, there are some big public health concerns to consider:

– More oversight could mean safer products for consumers with consistent quality standards.
– But unregulated sales of psychoactive hemp stuff could spell trouble for some people’s health.
– We need more research and education to really understand what these cannabinoids are doing to us.

If this amendment goes through, the hemp industry will need to adapt real quick:

– Producers will have to get certified and comply with new rules to stay in business.
– It might be time for companies to start focusing on non-intoxicating hemp applications instead.
– And they better keep up with policymakers so they can have a say in how these regulations shake out.

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In conclusion, this amendment could change everything for the US hemp industry. While some say it’s needed for public health reasons, others worry about what it’ll do to jobs and access to beneficial products. As we watch this play out in Congress, one thing’s for sure – things are gonna look real different for hemp in America real soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Yo, this gon hurt a lotta folks out here tryna make a honest livin. Hemp been helpin communities grow, now they bout to take dat away? Smh, we need to stand up and let em know this ain’t right.


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