How to Whip Up Some Dope Weed Oil in a Instapot, Crock-Pot, or Slow Cooker?

How to Whip Up Some Dope Weed Oil in a Instapot, Crock-Pot, or Slow Cooker?Yo yo yo, what up fam, it’s ya boy Dan back atcha with some dope knowledge on how to whip up that fire Cannaoil in a crock-pot. So check it, making Cannaoil in a crock-pot is clutch cuz it keeps that dank smell on the down-low and makes clean-up a breeze. Ain’t nobody tryna have their whole crib smelling like a dispensary, am I right? Plus, you don’t wanna accidentally get the kids lit during Sunday dinner – that’s a recipe for disaster, pun intended.

First off, you gotta choose the right oil for your Cannaoil game. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is primo for its flavor and heart-healthy fats. If you wanna fry up some goodies, Pure Olive Oil is where it’s at with its high smoke point. Vegetable oil is versatile AF with its neutral taste and high smoke rate. And let’s not forget about coconut oil – that vegan-friendly goodness that’s all the rage right now. Avocado oil is bougie but still brings those healthy fats to the party. Personally, I rock with Extra Virgin Olive Oil cuz it’s always in my pantry and tastes bomb.

When it comes to picking your weed, you gotta mix it up with a blend of different strains to get that full-spectrum flavor profile. We’re talking Sativas, Indicas, and CBD strains for days. CBD oil comes from hemp, so you know your Cannaoil is gonna have some THC in it too. Gotta keep it diverse for that potent infusion.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of making that Cannaoil in the crock-pot:

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Step 1 – Prep that mason jar with your chosen oil (don’t forget that one-to-one ratio) and grind up your premium weed. Pop it all in the jar and seal it up tight.

Step 2 – Dunk that sealed jar into the crock-pot water bath and let it do its thing on medium or high heat. Keep an eye on that temp so you don’t burn off that precious THC.

Step 3 – Cook that cannabis and oil mix at low temps for four to six hours. Don’t forget to burp the jar to release any pressure build-up.

Step 4 – Strain out the spent weed from your infused oil using some cheesecloth over another mason jar. Don’t toss out that spent flower just yet – you can use it for other recipes.

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Step 5 – Use your fresh Cannaoil in all your favorite recipes for some lit edibles. Just swap out regular oil for Cannaoil and watch the magic happen. Start slow with dosing to avoid getting too toasted.

In conclusion, making Cannaoil in a crock-pot is a game-changer for infusing all your favorite dishes with that sweet THC goodness. With the right ingredients, methods, and attention to detail, you can become a master chef in the world of cannabis-infused cuisine. So grab your crock-pot and get cookin’, fam!

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