Get Yo’ Game Up: Learn How to Whip Up Some Dope Thai Sticks

Get Yo' Game Up: Learn How to Whip Up Some Dope Thai Sticks

Yo, what up my fellow weed enthusiasts? Dan here to teach y’all how to make some insane Thai Sticks that will take your smoking game to the next level. Trust me, these blunts are not for the faint of heart. They’re made using four different parts of the cannabis plant and the end result is a blunt that’s so powerful and beautiful, it’ll blow your mind. So sit back, roll up, and let’s get into the history and instructions on how to make these legendary Thai Sticks.

Let’s start with a little history lesson. These blunts have been around for centuries, maybe even millennia. The ancient tradition involves tying weed to a skewer, curing it, and then wrapping it in cannabis fan leaves. Thai Sticks use various parts of the marijuana plant to produce a high of tremendous potency. They originated in Thailand (hence the name) and were introduced to America after the Vietnam War by soldiers who came home with these potent blunts. They were such a hit in America that many believed they contained opium. While no one knows for sure, their potency likely came from the hash oil used to bind them and the strains used to make them.

Thai Sticks remained popular in the US through the ’70s but disappeared in the ’80s due to the war in Vietnam ending and the Controlled Substances Act classifying marijuana as a Class I Narcotic alongside heroin, LSD, and MDMA. However, in recent years they’ve come back into popularity due to globalization, the sharing of information on the internet, and increased interest in growing plants at home.

Now let’s get into what strains are best for making Thai Sticks. It’s all about flavor and potency, so I recommend Blue Widow, Pineapple Kush, and Gelato. Blue Widow combines White Widow and Blueberry genetics to create a balanced 60% sativa hybrid that tastes sweet and berry-like with a relaxing high. Pineapple Kush is a combination of Pineapple Express and OG Kush that has notes of caramel or vanilla and packs an 18% THC punch, making it perfect for anyone who wants their Thai Stick to come with a generous dose of chill. Gelato is not for beginners as it has a whopping 27% THC but is ideal for seasoned users looking for maximum potency. It’s 45% sativa and 55% indica with a smooth dessert-like taste.

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Now onto the good stuff: how to make Thai Sticks. Here’s what you’ll need:

– A wooden skewer

– Hemp string

– Hash oil

– Buds from your strain of choice

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– Large fan leaves from a cannabis plant

– Parchment paper

– Ziploc bag (optional)

1) Pick out your fluffiest buds.

2) Coat your skewer with hash oil.

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3) Press buds onto the stick until it’s covered in a uniform layer around its circumference.

4) Wrap your weed-covered stick tightly with hemp string.

5) Wrap the tied-up stick in parchment paper and refrigerate for at least 2-3 days.

6) Remove from fridge and carefully unwrap hemp string.

7) Coat tube of bud with more hemp oil and wrap in fan leaf.

8) Repeat step 7 two more times until your Thai Stick is wrapped in three leaves.

9) Wrap your Thai Stick in parchment paper and heat it on a hot plate or pan for a few seconds until hash oil melts and seals everything together.

10) Remove from parchment paper and wrap in hemp string again.

11) Refrigerate for another few days or bury it underground for a month.

When you’re ready to smoke your Thai Stick, be sure to remove the hemp string and skewer first. And that’s it! You’re now equipped with the knowledge on how to make some insane Thai Sticks that will impress all your smoking buddies. Happy rolling!

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