How to Dry Dat Good Weed – Tips & Tricks

How to Dry Dat Good Weed - Tips & Tricks

Ayo, what’s good y’all? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re talkin’ ‘bout harvestin’ that good good. Y’all know what I’m talkin’ bout, cannabis plants. We’ve been watchin’ em grow for months now and it’s finally time to harvest. But hold up, we can’t just go cuttin’ them down and call it a day. Nah, nah, nah. We gotta dry these babies out proper so we can get the full effect of all that hard work we put in. So grab a seat and let me school you on how to dry weed the right way.

First up, let’s chat ‘bout why it’s important to dry your weed before you smoke it. See, before we harvest those plants, they’re all moist and packed with moisture. But that ain’t gonna burn well at all. Not only will it taste like trash, but it’ll also decrease the potency of the weed. So how do we fix that? Drying it out, my friends. When you let those buds dry out, they become flavorful, smokable, and potent. Plus, you don’t want no mold growin’ up in there, do you? Drying it out will prevent that too.

Now that we know why drying is key, let’s get into how to do it properly. There are five steps y’all need to follow.

Step one: Set up your drying line

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After you harvest your plants, set up some clothes hangers or a clothesline in a dry room. But make sure you give each plant enough space so they don’t touch each other.

Step two: Check the environment

This is crucial. You need to make sure your dryin’ room is at the right temperature and humidity level before adding your cannabis plants. Here are the magic numbers:

– Temperature: 75-78°F

– Humidity: 45-60% RH

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Oh, and don’t aim the fan directly at the buds or else they’ll dry unevenly.

Step three: Hang up the cannabis

Now hang those babies upside down on the clothesline or hangers. Make sure they don’t touch each other and let them be for a bit.

Step four: Monitor the environment and buds

Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels at least three times a day to make sure everything is on point. And don’t forget to touch test and snap test a few different buds after three days to see if they’re ready yet.

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Step five: Touch Test and Snap Test

After 3 days of drying, use your index finger and thumb to feel a few different buds to see if they’re dry on the outside but still moist inside. Additionally, you may use the snap test to gauge dryness by gently bending a branch. If the branch snaps — it’s lost a significant amount of moisture.

And there you have it! Once the branches snap and your flowers are dry on the outside but still got some moisture inside – that’s when you know they’re ready.

But wait! Before you go sparkin’ up that joint, there’s one more step: trimming and curing your weed. This will take your bud from decent to pure fire. Check out our other guides on how to trim marijuana and how to cure weed like a pro.

Now go forth my fellow cannabis cultivators and dry that weed like a boss!

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