Da Simplest Weed Trainin’ Tips Fo’ Newbies – Ya Heard?

Da Simplest Weed Trainin' Tips Fo' Newbies - Ya Heard?

Yo, what up? My name is Dan and today we’re talking about how to keep your cannabis garden in balance using the ancient philosophy of feng shui. It’s all about finding order between yourself and the environment, and that applies to your weed plants too. You want a garden that’s free of pests, has big yields, and healthy crops, so it’s important to use training techniques to achieve that.

Plant-training techniques have been around for a minute, way before weed became legal. The Greeks and French Renaissance were using them for aesthetic purposes, increased yield, and structural purposes. So why not use these time-tested techniques to improve your own crop?

There are six top cannabis-training techniques you should know about to get the most out of your indoor or outdoor cannabis crop. But you gotta choose the technique that works best for your particular strain and garden space.

First up, we got low-stress training (LST), which is a common technique used by cannabis growers worldwide. LST helps open up the cannabis plant into an open vase method and provides a ton of benefits like maximizing light exposure to interior bud sites, reducing height, and increasing bud size throughout the plant.

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Next up we got the lollipop method, which is basically pruning the lower leaves and branches of your weed plant. This method increases accessibility, airflow, visibility, and yield. It’s great for medium to large weed plants indoors or outdoors.

Then there’s super cropping or high-stress training (HST), which involves crushing a stem to stimulate explosive growth. It produces multiple branches, bushy structure, more bud sites, larger yield, and less vertical growth. This technique is perfect if you’re trying to jump-start the Screen of Green method.

Topping or FIMing is another popular training method where you cut off a portion of your cannabis plant. It produces multiple bud sites, generates multiple lateral branches, slows vertical growth while increasing lateral growth, and increases yield in select cannabis strains.

The Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique is great for maximizing your yield if you’re limited on space or legally allowed to grow only a few plants. It increases yield in select weed varieties, reduces vertical growth, levels the canopy for even bud growth, maximizes bud growth in relation to available space, and increases light exposure.

Finally, we got the Sea of Green (SOG) method where many small plants are grown in a given space with an even canopy that focuses on apical dominance. Unlike all of the other previously discussed training methods, the SOG technique is the only approach that focuses on retaining apical dominance. Since the plants never reach their full size, the point is to get the most bud from each plant’s uppermost bud sites.

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So there you have it – six top cannabis-training techniques that will help you get maximum yield from your indoor or outdoor cannabis crop. Choose the one that works best for your particular strain and garden space and let us know how it goes!

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