Gettin’ Lit with Weed: Dosin’ Up for the First Half of the Week

Gettin' Lit with Weed: Dosin' Up for the First Half of the WeekYo, check it – back in the day, dudes would come home from grindin’ and crack open a cold one, or hit up their spot for a quick drink before headin’ home. But things ain’t the same no more, ya feel me? People be more worried ’bout stayin’ fit, countin’ calories, and keepin’ healthy. A study by the American Heart Association found that millennials, more than older generations, be all ’bout dat healthy lifestyle – exercisin’ regular and eatin’ right. And Gen Z? They be droppin’ the brews and pickin’ up that ganja, movin’ towards weed instead.

Thanks to word on the street and solid data, there’s this new wave happenin’ where instead of knockin’ back a beer after work, folks be takin’ a toke or poppin’ a gummy for relaxation with less side effects. But hold up – what’s the right amount of Mary Jane for chillin’ during the workweek? Ya gotta be careful not to rely on anythin’ every day to unwind, ’cause that could be a red flag for addiction. But if you lookin’ for a quick cool down after clockin’ out, here’s some tips.

Check it – consider vapin’, munchin’ on gummies, or sippin’ on tinctures. These options make it easy to get your dose without goin’ overboard. A few hits from the vape while kickin’ back should help release that stress while dealin’ with Monday madness. Same goes for them gummies and tinctures, ya dig?

For a low-key vibe, aim for 5-7.5 milligrams of that good stuff. A study found that peeps who took 7.5 mg of THC felt less stressed after a test than those who got a placebo, and their stress levels went back to normal quicker. That’s like a couple hits from the vape or ’bout 1.5 gummies (since gummies usually have ’bout 5 mg of THC).

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When it comes to sales, trackin’ alcohol purchases can give us an idea of weed usage too. In the first part of the week, alcohol sales be slow but by Thursday, they spike 2.5 times higher. Marijuana sales should follow that same pattern.

So next time you think ’bout grabbin’ a cold one after work, consider puff-puff-passin’ instead for a chill time without all them calories and hangovers. Stay healthy and peace out!

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