Get Lit with the Do-Over OG: A Dope Weed Strain Review & Deets!

Get Lit with the Do-Over OG: A Dope Weed Strain Review & Deets!

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and I’m here to school you on some fire strains that you need to try. The OG strains are mad versatile and they’re well-known for their dank qualities. Like, the original ‘Ocean Grown’ (OG) Kush is straight-up amazing in the grow room. But it’s not just good for growing, nah man. It can also get you medicated with its high CBD Wellness OG variant that’s perfect for easing all kinds of mental and physical discomfort.

But wait, there’s more. Check out Skywalker OG, a hybrid that’s perfect for those who want a stoney and spacey high. And if you’re looking for something exotic, then Hindu Kush is the way to go. This pure Indica landrace from central Asia hits hard and will definitely lock you down to your couch.

But let me tell you about this new strain that’s making waves – Do-Over OG. Neighborhood Farms took the indigenous Hindu Kush strain and added three members of the OG family to make a masterpiece in honor of the Do-Over event’s 10th year anniversary. This strain is straight fire, with high potency levels that make it a great social hit during parties and events, like Do-Over. But it’s not just about getting lit, man. Do-Over OG also has pharmacological value, so you can get medicated while having a good time.

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Let me break it down for you with some specifications:

Do-Over OG scores a perfect 10 when it comes to psychedelic effects. With more than 21% THC, it sends a euphoric zap to clear your mind of negativity and release tension from your body. It replaces self-doubt with a sense of happiness from within, making you cheerful and lively with conversation.

At the height of its mental effects, Do-Over OG inspires creative thoughts and improves focus, making task management easier. And when the body high kicks in, an uplifting sensation spreads from the temples to all over your limbs while still allowing you to move around.

Do-Over OG inherited the unmistakable Kush aroma of its lineage with sweetness mixed in with earthy flavors and a dash of spice and pine.

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Savoring this strain sharpens its earthy overtones and spicy undertones, but be ready for a throat scratch or coughing after smoking.

You gotta be careful with this highly potent strain because it can cause dry eyes and cottonmouth when consumed in large amounts.

Do-Over OG has therapeutic value because of its cannabinoids that help improve moods for those with depression or PTSD. It also relieves stress and restores appetite.

Do-Over OG is known for being sturdy plants and vigorous producers. They don’t need external support as their thick stems can carry the weight of their heavy buds. The spade-shaped nugs themselves are beautiful with dark amber-colored pistils that enhance their lively forest green hues. Sweet resin makes the buds sticky while the thick blanket of crystal trichomes alludes to its potency.

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The flowering period of Do-Over OG is between 7 and 8 weeks, yielding up to 14 ounces of buds per square meter when trained using either the Screen of Green (SCRoG) or Low-Stress techniques.

Each Do-Over OG plant yields more than 14 ounces of trichome-frosted nugs by October.

So there you have it, folks – Do-Over OG is straight-up fire and definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a good time while getting medicated at the same time. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece from Neighborhood Farms!

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