Choppin’ it up on Chemdawg: A Dope Review & Deets on that Mary Jane Strain

Choppin' it up on Chemdawg: A Dope Review & Deets on that Mary Jane Strain

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan and today we’re talking about the legendary cannabis strain, Chemdawg. This strain is top notch with its unique flavours and powerful sativa effect. People say it might be a mix of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, but who really knows? One thing’s for sure, it’s perfect for daytime smoking and a great addition to any cannabis garden, even though it ain’t easy to grow.

Chemdawg is the stuff of legends my dudes. It’s been around since the 90s and has stayed popular ever since, even being used by growers to create new hybrid strains. You know you’re smoking some Chemdawg when you take a hit that tastes like diesel and you end up flying high like a bird.

Now, let’s get into the characteristics of this sativa-dominant hybrid. The exact genetic origins of Chemdawg are unknown, but some say it might have come from OG Kush and Sour Diesel while others think it could be Nepalese or Thai sativas. Regardless, it’s one of the most popular sativas out there with a dedicated following. Don’t let the THC levels of 15-20% fool you though, this strain packs a punch with its strong cerebral effect. In fact, people say that the name comes from how it made them roll around like dogs when they smoked it. It’s perfect for daytime smoking and keeps you feeling uplifted and euphoric.

The flavour profile of Chemdawg is something else too. Connoisseurs love the distinct chemical fuel notes in the smoke, which is definitely not something you’d expect people to enjoy. But hey, to each their own right?

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Now onto growing this bad boy. I ain’t gonna lie, it’s a tough strain to grow. It’s sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations so it’s best grown indoors in a controlled environment by experienced cultivators only. Providing adequate air circulation and only feeding a low amount of nutrients will be key to success with this strain. But if you can handle it, you’ll be rewarded with yields in the range of 350-500g/m² after 9 weeks of flowering time. Those who use the ScrOG method will see even better results.

When it comes to flavour and effects, Chemdawg doesn’t disappoint. It pleases smokers with its strong diesel flavours that complement the earthy and woody undertones. You might even taste some sweet or lemony notes in there too! But what really sets Chemdawg apart is its powerful sativa effect. It’s cerebral, uplifting, and energetic making it perfect for daytime use. However, if you’re not used to strong sativas, take it slow as the effects can be overwhelming.

In conclusion my dudes, Chemdawg is a true legend in the cannabis world and definitely deserves all the hype it gets. Whether it’s the distinct aromas or the phenomenal daytime buzz that it provides, it’s a known classic. Plus there’s the mystery behind its potential origins which just adds to its legendary status. If only it was easier to grow though… Keep smoking and stay lifted friends!

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