Get Lit: DIY Honey-Infused Tincture Recipe for Your Cannabis Fix

Get Lit: DIY Honey-Infused Tincture Recipe for Your Cannabis Fix

Yo, what’s good my fellow tokers? If you’re looking for a sweet and powerful way to get your buzz on, why not try making a honey-infused cannabis tincture? It may sound like an unusual combo, but honey and cannabis have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and recreational benefits. So why not combine the two for the ultimate sweet treat?

The Benefits of Mixing Weed with Honey

Honey is more than just a sweetener. It has been used since ancient times for its therapeutic properties, and research has shown that it has a wealth of health benefits. When combined with cannabis, you get the best of both worlds – the euphoria-inducing high of weed and the therapeutic effects of honey.

Does Cannabis Honey Get You High?

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In short, hell yeah! Infusing honey with THC-loaded herb will capture all of the cannabinoid’s buzz-inducing attributes. And once you’ve prepared your honey tincture, you can use it like any other cannabis edible – add it to food and drink or simply eat a spoonful on its own.

But be warned, getting the exact ratio of THC in your cannahoney right requires a little bit of trial and error. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact infusion rate, so we recommend making a few batches to see which ratio of herb to honey is right for you.

Cannabis Honey: THC vs CBD

But wait, there’s more! THC isn’t the only cannabinoid on offer. Many people grow CBD-rich cannabis for its proposed influence on the mind and body. And now you can put CBD to good use in edibles by infusing honey with the non-psychotropic effects of the cannabinoid.

Preparing Your Cannabis

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If you want to eat your cannabis (or the goodies you make from it), then you must put your herbs through a process called decarboxylation. This fancy term involves converting the non-psychoactive THCA into its psychoactive offspring, THC. All it takes is a little heat – just cook your weed in the oven for 30 minutes.

Infusing Your Honey with Cannabis

Now that your cannabis is ready to go, let’s move on to making the tincture. All you need is:

– Cheesecloth

– Slow cooker

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– Honey (500g)

– Decarboxylated cannabis (4g)

Here’s how you do it:

1. Take your decarbed cannabis and wrap it in a cheesecloth. Fasten the cloth so that your weed stays inside – think of it as a big weed teabag.

2. Place your weed bag into your slow cooker with at least 500g of honey (the less honey, the stronger your tincture will be).

3. Set your temperature dial to low and let it simmer for 4-8 hours. Stir occasionally to make sure everything is covered and check on it periodically to make sure it’s not boiling.

4. Once it’s done cooking, let it cool overnight.

5. Squeeze the remaining honey out of your weed bag and pour your tincture into airtight jars.

6. Refrigerate for long-term storage.

Making Cannabis-Infused Honey Sticks

If you’re looking for a more portable and easy-to-use option, why not try making cannabis-infused honey sticks? All you need is:

– Cannabis-infused honey

– Air syringe

– Clear straws

– Heat sealer

Here’s how you do it:

1. Turn on your heat sealer and place one end of each straw onto the element of the heat sealer.

2. Using an air syringe, inject the desired quantity of honey into each straw.

3. Seal the honey extract inside by placing the open end of each straw back onto the heating element and repeating the process.

Top Tips

– Test your honey tincture by adding a spoonful to a cup of hot tea.

– Experiment with different types of honey to find your favorite flavor.

– If honey isn’t your thing, try using agave nectar or maple syrup instead.

– Start with a small dose and wait at least 45 minutes before increasing it.

So there you have it, folks – a sweet and powerful way to get buzzed. Try making your own honey-infused cannabis tincture or honey sticks at home and enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of these age-old ingredients. Happy toking!

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