Cookin’ Up Da Bestest Weed Tincture Recipe

Cookin' Up Da Bestest Weed Tincture Recipe

Ay yo wassup y’all it’s ya boy Dan here and I’m comin’ at cha wit da dopest weed tincture recipe! I’ma tell ya how to make da bestest tincture, so pay attention. You gonna need some quality marijuana, some alcohol, and a few other things.

First off, ya gotta get yo hands on dat fire bud. That’s right, you can’t just grab any old wack weed off da streets. You gotta be choosin’ da good stuff. Go to yo local dispensary or wherever else you know they got that good stuff, and get the finest ganja you can find.

Next, you need some good ol’ alcohol. You gonna want somethin’ strong for dis recipe, so I recommend usin’ some hard liquor like vodka or rum. Any kinda booze will do as long as it’s got a high alcohol content.

Once ya got both those items, ya ready to get started. First off, put yo weed in a large mason jar and pour the alcohol over it until it’s completely covered. Make sure ya use enough alcohol so that the weed is completely saturated. Then, seal the jar and let it sit for about two weeks in a dark place with a consistent temperature of around 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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After two weeks have passed, open up the jar and strain out the liquid using a cheesecloth or other fine fabric filter. Once ya done that, ya can start cookin’ up that tincture! Pour the liquid into a pot and slowly simmer it on low heat for about an hour or so. As it simmers, make sure to stir it occasionally to keep it from burnin’.

Once the liquid has been reduced by about half, take it off da heat and strain out any remaining plant matter with a cheesecloth once again. Let the tincture cool off for a bit before transferring it into an airtight container of your choice. Now your tincture is done cookin’!

Now all ya gotta do is figure out how exactly ya wanna use it. Most people like to add it to food or drinks as a way to get their dose of medical marijuana without actually havin’ to smoke or vape anything. Or if you’re feelin’ extra wild you could even mix some of the tincture into your favorite alcoholic beverages for an extra special kick!

No matter how ya choose to use this fire tincture recipe, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results! So go ahead and try out this dope recipe and let me know how it turns out for ya! Until next time my friends, stay blazin’!

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