10 Dopest Strains to Kill Pain and Fatigue

10 Dopest Strains to Kill Pain and Fatigue

Yo, what’s up, it’s your boy Dan! You know how it is, everyone always talking about which strains are the best for pain and fatigue, but they never seem to work. But don’t trip, cause I got you covered with some legit information that’s backed up by studies and personal experiences.

So, we’ve tried a bunch of strains and the one that really hits the spot for pain relief and fatigue is Purple Punch. This strain will have you feeling sleepy as hell, which is perfect for getting some much-needed relief from pain and tiredness.

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Now, let’s talk a little more about medical marijuana. It’s been a hot topic for debate for years, but in the US, there are some states where medical marijuana patients can use it to treat pain and other health conditions. Chronic pain is a real struggle, and not every condition can be seen and monitored physically. It can happen anywhere from your usual pains to heart diseases, diabetes, different types of cancers – it’s everywhere.

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A study from the University of New Mexico found that specific cannabis strains can effectively treat chronic pain. This was a shock to many people, including Sarah Stith, an Associate Professor in the University of New Mexico Economics Department. The study showed that cannabis generally improved symptoms of fatigue, rather than just a subset of products or those with higher THC or CBD levels.

So how does cannabis help relieve pain? Like any prescription medication, medical marijuana works in various ways when it enters your body. When you inhale or consume cannabis, the active components enter your body and cross the blood-brain barrier, decreasing your response to pain sensations.

In scientific terms, cannabis uses your body’s endocannabinoid system to send and receive messages or signals. CBD and THC react differently with your body – CBD contains CB2 immune receptors that regulate and boost your body’s immunity, resulting in a reduction of pain by decreasing inflammation. THC, on the other hand, binds and fuses with your brain’s cannabinoid receptors, containing the active ingredient that produces euphoria and helps dull your perception of pain.

To summarize, strains with a higher CBD ratio influence serotonin receptors, helping you boost your mood, feel more relaxed, and manage pain more effectively. Cannabis strains with higher THC levels tend to produce euphoria, which helps dull your perception of pain. Plus, its anti-inflammatory effects can help reduce joint and nerve pain (neuropathic).

So you’re probably wondering what strains you should be using to help with pain relief and fatigue. Based on our experiences, we’ve found that sativa or sativa-dominant strains are the most effective. However, that doesn’t mean that an indica strain or even an indica-dominant hybrid strain wouldn’t help you out.

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Here are the top 10 strains you can use for pain and fatigue relief:

1. Purple Punch: This strain is perfect for chronic fatigue and chronic pain. With a THC level towards 25%, it’ll have you saying goodbye to muscle spasms, fatigue, and pain.

2. Afghani: This landrace strain from Afghanistan is great for its chronic pain relief and relaxing capabilities that are nearly comparable to narcotics.

3. Northern Lights: With its powerful indica high, this classic strain is perfect for those who suffer from body ache, anxiety, lack of appetite, as well as depression.

4. Sour Diesel: A sativa-dominant hybrid strain perfect for headaches and several muscle spasms and pains.

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5. Bubba Kush: Perfect for those looking for something to help them get a good night’s sleep.

6. White Rhino: Another classic indica strain that’s well suited for medical cannabis users suffering from pain and stress.

7. GMO Cookies: Great for an extremely relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effect.

8. Ice Cream Cake: An exotic weed strain with deep relaxing effects.

9. White Fire OG: Perfect for battling anxiety.

10. Jack Herer: Great for chronic fatigue.

Just remember that these strains aren’t a direct alternative to professional medical advice. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or any other medical conditions that require the intervention of a healthcare professional, consult with one first.

In conclusion, there are many different marijuana strains on the market, but if you want the best and most effective strains for chronic pain, fatigue, and stress relief, these are the ones you should consider. No need to search for the best strains anymore – I got you!

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