Get Hip to the Game: All the 411 on Mary Jane Joints

Get Hip to the Game: All the 411 on Mary Jane Joints

Yo, what’s good? I’m Dan, and today we’re talking about the good ol’ joint. You know what that is, right? It’s just rolled-up weed in paper, similar to a cigarette but with ganja. And let me tell you, rolling a joint manually takes some serious skills.

Now, in places like the USA, we use rolling papers to roll our joints. But in some other countries, they get creative and use beedies, brown paper, newspapers, or even receipts to make their joints. Rolling papers come in all kinds of sizes and materials such as rice, flax, and hemp. Some even come in fancy flavors like licorice.

But how much weed can you fit into a joint? Well, according to some scientists who did some research on this stuff, the average joint holds about 0.01 ounces (0.32 grams) of weed. That’s way less than what we thought before! Other studies have estimated that a typical joint can hold up to 0.03 ounces (0.75 grams) of weed. Now that we know this, it can help us understand more about drug use and smuggling.

But before you can roll a joint, you need to grind up your weed. You can either do it by hand or use a grinder to speed things up. Personally, I like doing it by hand because it makes me feel like I’m really putting in the work.

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Now onto the fun part – rolling a joint! First things first, choose your rolling paper. I like using thin rice paper or wheat straw because those are easy to find at dispensaries or online. Rip off a piece down to a square and make sure it’s broad enough for flexibility.

Next up is the sifter end which is basically a little piece of card that you add to the tip of your joint. This helps keep bits of weed from coming off while smoking and also lets the smoke diffuse better.

When it comes time to roll your weed into the paper, make sure you spread it evenly across the paper so you get a balanced smoke. Don’t put too much or your joint won’t stick properly but don’t skimp on the weed or you’ll end up with a weak joint.

After you’ve got everything in place, start rolling it up until it’s all evenly distributed and tubular-shaped. Then put the sifter in the middle at one end of your joint before rolling any further to make sure everything stays in place.

Once everything is perfectly rolled up, moisten the paper with water or saliva (if you’re comfortable doing that) so that it stays together better when smoking.

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If you’re feeling extra fancy, try rolling an inside-out joint which eliminates most of the tight haze produced by excess burning parts. To do this, just copy the steps of a regular joint but when it’s fully rolled up, wet the non-stick strip where you see the gummed side slightly apparent.

There are endless ways to roll a joint and everyone has their own techniques. Some people even make their joints into works of art! Whatever your method may be, just remember that smoking joints holds some social importance that we shouldn’t overlook. Some people love mixing their weed with tobacco for an extra kick while others enjoy different flavored wraps or papers.

So go ahead and roll one up at get lit, fam!

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