Freshest Humidity Levels & Tricks for Nailing Curing & Safekeeping Your Loud

Freshest Humidity Levels & Tricks for Curing & Safekeeping Your Bud

Ay yo, what’s good fam? This is Dan and I’m here to drop the latest tips and tricks for protecting and extending the life of your treasured cannabis. Whether you just picked up a new pack or you been holding onto that same bag for years, it’s dope to know the freshest ways to lock it down. Here’s what I’m talking about.

First thing first, keep away from the heat. Nothing worse than a nuggy burnin’ up, so keep it in a cool place. If you got an AC unit or somewhere climate controlled like a basement, that’s perfect. If not, make sure you’re not too close to any sources of heat and that you keep your product away from direct sunlight at all times. Can’t stress this enough.

Next, humidity control is key. Too much or too little can be a bad look for your bud, so you’ll wanna keep them between 55% and 65% relative humidity. That way, you can be sure your cannabis will stay fire no matter the season. Got to admit, I’m loving them new Boveda packs – they’re mini humidity control packs that stick right inside your bag – so easy and worth every penny to make sure your buds stay dank!

Now, let’s talk about storage. You got to keep air out too, so don’t go skimping on the container. If you wanna make sure your buds stay A1, then you gotta keep them locked down tight in something like a mason jar or an airtight container. Got to say, I’m all about them vacuum sealed units – they’re leakproof and they’ll guarantee zero outside exposure to your smelly dank!

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Finally, don’t forget about smell control! You know how it is – nugs start stinkin’ up the spot real quick – so there’s another reason to pick up quality airtight jars or smell-proof bags, such as those Grove Bags eryone been ravin’ about. That way, no one will ever know what’s really going on in the room and you can keep your business on the DL for sure. There’s nothing worse than trying to hide that dank smell, trust me – I’ve been there! Not to mention, you wanna preserve all the aromatic goodness you can. Lock that shiznit up!

So fam, there ya have it – the freshest tips and tricks for protecting and preserving your loud. Make sure you keep it cool, control the humidity and store it tight for optimal freshness and longevity. And don’t forget about smell control too! With these methods in check, you’ll be able to enjoy that same bag for years to come – no doubt about it! Word up!

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