Fo’ Real, What’s Up with Foliar Spraying and How It Can Boost Yo’ Cannabis Plants?

Fo' Real, What's Up with Foliar Spraying and How It Can Boost Yo' Cannabis Plants?

Yo, what’s good, it’s ya boy Dan. So, you wanna know about foliar spraying and how it can help your cannabis plants? Well, let me break it down for you.

First off, foliar spraying is when you spray nutrients or pest control straight onto your plant’s leaves instead of giving them to your plants through the soil. This is a fast and effective way to get rid of nutrient deficiencies or pests. Plus, it’s dope because your plants take in a higher percentage of the nutrients this way – up to 95%!

Foliar feeding is especially helpful if you want to give your plants secondary nutrients like magnesium or calcium, or micronutrients such as zinc, iron, and manganese. Plus, when your plants take in nutrients via its foliage, it helps the microorganisms in the growing substrate that assist with nutrient uptake. And it prevents any potential problem of nutrient buildup in the soil – which is a common issue with growing cannabis.

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If you’re dealing with pests and diseases like mites or powdery mildew, neem oil is a natural insecticide that has some fungicidal properties. Mix it with aloe vera juice and potassium silicate to dissolve the oil, and spray weekly during the vegetative phase. For aphids, use a foliar spray made with potassium soap (insecticidal soap) that gets rid of pests on contact, and mix it with neem oil to help prevent future attacks while strengthening your plant’s defenses.

You can also make your own foliar growth stimulators by mixing liquefied aloe vera leaves with water or using any number of DIY foliar stimulant recipes online. Just be careful not to spray during flowering since it can lead to spoilt taste or an increased chance of moldy buds.

When you’re ready to start foliar spraying, do it early in the morning or late in the evening – avoid spraying in direct sunlight. Spray the entire plant, including the undersides of the leaves where pests are often located. And always follow safety instructions – wear gloves, a face mask, and protective eye gear.

There are two main types of sprayers to use for foliar sprays: hand-sprayers for precision work or pump sprayers that come with an extended spray wand for convenience. It’s best to have both types handy. Remember, weather permitting – avoid spraying in hot or cold temperatures, and wait for rainy weather to pass.

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So, now you know about foliar spraying and how it can help your cannabis plants. Don’t be afraid to give it a try! Now keep it lit!

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