Taliban Puttin’ the Kibosh on Growin’ That Sticky Icky

Taliban Puttin' the Kibosh on Growin' That Sticky Icky

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan, and I’m here to tell you about some crazy stuff going down in Afghanistan. So, apparently the Taliban has issued a decree banning the cultivation of weed across the country. That’s right, no more getting lit in the fields.

According to The Express-Tribune, Taliban supreme leader Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada made the announcement in Kabul on March 19. And get this, if anyone gets caught growing cannabis, their operation will be destroyed and they’ll be punished according to Sharia law. That’s some serious business.

Now, who is Akhundzada? CBS News reported that this dude has basically taken Afghanistan back to the “Stone Age,” with one of the most hardcore takes on Sharia law. He even pulled women out of schools again, like we’re living in the Dark Ages or something. Even the Taliban’s acting Minister of Interior criticized his thirst for power.

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So what kind of punishments are we talking about under Sharia law? We’re talking amputation of hands and feet, flogging, and/or death for crimes like apostasy, revolt, adultery, slander, and alcohol – and yes, that includes punishments for women who show their bodies or hair.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Cannabis (and opium) trade is believed to have “fueled militancy” in Afghanistan before the Taliban took over again in 2021. But get this – before they took over, militants reportedly “siphoned off millions of dollars” from pot farmers and smugglers who ship cannabis. Talk about double standards.

Oh, and get this – the Taliban claimed to have partnered with a medical cannabis company in 2021. Yeah, you heard that right – a group that bans weed cultivation claims to be working with a cannabis firm called Cpharm to set up a $450 million cannabis processing center in Afghanistan. They even said the facility would be “up and running within days.” But apparently, Cpharm Australia (the first company named in the press as being involved in the deal) denied any involvement. Shady much?

So for now, it looks like weed is a no-go for everyone else in the country. It’s kind of wild to think that while cannabis is becoming more accepted and even legal in some places, there are still places where it’s strictly forbidden – and the consequences are severe. Stay safe out there, fam.

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